French language placement advisory test

WebCAPE advisory


  1. GO to the web site from the placement test from the Internet connected computer – you might go ahead and take test within the CCSF Language Center (Rosenberg Library, R-403) if you want. It shouldn’t take greater than half an hour.
  2. Click the link to visit right to the WebCAPE portal (will open inside a new window).
  3. Go into the Password: california1
  4. Choose "French" in the drop lower menu.
  5. Enter your data – You’ll need your CCSF ID.
  6. Click Submit Information.
  7. Stick to the directions to accept test.
  8. Save Your Valuable RESULTS. Print the outcomes page OR reserve it like a PDF.
  9. Complete a Prerequisite Challenge Form
  10. Provide towards the FL Eligibility Coordinator Or even the MATRICULATION OFFICE: Contact details below:
    • Your placement test results
    • The finished Prerequisite Challenge Form
    • If approved, your registration is going to be unblocked within 5 business days.

    French Placement Consultant: In case your test results don’t placed you for sure, and if you want advice that course to consider according to test results, please contact in france they Placement Consultant: Isabelle Motamedi (


    French SAT practice test

    Video COMMENTS:

    Martin Nikolov: You've wrote the answer on 16) write after the blank, and on 18), before it 😀 Thanks for the video though!

    Mason Hatfield: Yes, confused me…

    Alex Pelletier: Yes, there should have been an extra -e at the end of obligée on question 22. My mistake :)

    Alex Pelletier: I think the French SAT subject test is not too hard at all. If you feel comfortable in grammar (depends on your past teachers) and have enough basic vocab, it should be doable. The more you do, the better, of course.

    Sabycheese x: This video helped loads for my test thanx

    Ashley Gatewood: On question 5, why is it not "est sorti" and "a sorti"?

    P Harris: Great video, but it went a little crazy from numbers 16-18 where the answers were written in the sentence and not in the a-d choices. And question 20, where the letter didn't match the actual answer word. But I loved the video. Made me feel very smart.

    MusicKnowte: One thing that I hate about French is that it goes out of its way to avoid vowels next to each other but does nothing for "Tu as!" It's pretty ironic how he mentions than it's "mon assiette" when Tu as is right before it in question 27

    Henk Vinke: Alex , you are teaching french in the way it should be teached!

    Riya Riya: ça m'aide