French placement exam &middot connecticut college

French placement exam &middot connecticut college some versatility

How you can put into the right level French class at Connecticut College

1. For those who have didn’t have prior experience of French, then you need to join French 101.

2. For those who have had one or, for the most part, two semesters of French, you may even be qualified to consider French 101, if you should contact the teacher of this class to learn more. Begin to see the Class Schedules to look for the instructor.

3. For those who have had two semesters or even more of classroom instruction in French previously, you’ve two choices:

a) Included in first-year orientation activities, a web-based placement exam is proctored for you personally at the outset of the educational year, typically at the end of August within the basement of Shain library. In this session, faculty people from the French department will also be on hands to reply to any queries about placement, classes and also the activities from the French department. The next day test, your answers are published around the advertising boards near the French department in Blaustein Humanities Building, 3rd floor. After this you join the right level class during registration.

b) You may even choose to make use of the outcomes of any of the following three exams to look for the (approximate) appropriate degree of French class for you personally:

    French placement exam &middot connecticut college the Sitting

  1. AP Exam: for those who have taken the AP exam in French and received a four to five, this is actually the placement information.
  2. Sitting subject test: for those who have taken the Sitting subject test in French (College Board), this is actually the placement information.
  3. Online Placement Exam (Transparent Language): for those who have had neither the Sitting exam in French, nor an AP score of four to five, visit to have an online proficiency test. It will require roughly 40 minutes to accomplish, if you might take as lengthy as you want.

    Please retain your overall quantity of highlights of 150 (and never the proportion) and discover in which you place at Connecticut College. (The exam, obviously, doesn’t count toward any grade at Connecticut College, and it is just something to put students within the appropriate level class.)

    After using the exam, students must still register online with the class registration or pre-registration process for that appropriate level class at Connecticut College.

Have questions?

It’s also wise to you can contact the department chair, Nathalie Etoke,, who are able to placed you based on the exam results together with your prior encounters in French. The chair can also be pleased to answer any queries you might have about placement and French department classes.

All scores are approximate indicators, and there’s some versatility about which class students should join. Please see a faculty member, as an example the department chair, to learn more, particularly if your score is at a couple of points from the borderline between classes.

French placement exam &middot connecticut college taken the AP exam

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