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French placement testing - miami college student learners who would

In case your native language is French, you shouldn’t go ahead and take placement test or seek placement guidance. The word what placement tests and site guidance are meant just for student learners who would like to take French like a language. For those who have additional questions or to learn more about signing up for French courses, please contact in france they & Italian department office at (513) 529-7508.

In France They placement test at Miami College doesn’t permit you to skip the word what requirement. It’s meant for students who’ve had knowledge about french and wish to continue studying French at Miami. This test can help students with previous French experience pick which course at Miami may be the appropriate course to carry on their French studies.

Should you have had no French in senior high school, sign up for FRE 101 first semester.

Should you have had a number of years of highschool French, you have to go ahead and take placement test.

Placing yourself underneath the level indicated isn’t permitted with no permission of the consultant during orientation.

To accept Placement Test or to find information about is a result of a formerly taken test, click on the button right and sign in together with your uniqueID and MUNet password.

For the reference, current placement test score ranges are:

1  Year

000-999 = FRE 101

24 months

000-225 = FRE 101

226-275 = FRE 102

276-999 = FRE 201

three years

000-250 = FRE 101

251-300 = FRE 102

301-404 = FRE 201

405-425 = FRE 202

426-999 = FRE 301

4+ Years

000-325 = FRE 102

326-429 = FRE 201

430-450 = FRE 202

451-999 = FRE 301


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