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Placement exam experience of French and answer

The position exam is made to determine when within the curriculum incoming students continue their study of French at St. Olaf College. The Admissions Office will be sending specific instructions about placement exams, such as the French exam.

A lot of students who intend to join a French course apart from Beginning French 111 are needed to accept on-line placement exam students who’ve never studied French but who are curious about beginning attend St. Olaf don’t have to go ahead and take test.

The exam can be obtained online between June first and August first. Students should submit their solutions for review as quickly as possible. Students may contact Professor Mary Cisar ( or 507-786-8043) with any queries not addressed here.

How you can complete the position test

In France They placement exam takes roughly 1 hour and should be used on the computer. Test has a double edged sword. The very first is market research. Students should consider their previous experience of French and answer these inquiries to the very best of remarkable ability. The 2nd part is really a writing exercise. Faculty will browse the solutions provided and get the best possible match between your student’s experience and talent along with a beginning, intermediate or greater level course in French.

Following the test continues to be posted for review, each student will get an e-mail notification of placement in course “X.”  By mid-August, each student will get another e-mail notification of ultimate placement (e.g., 111, 112, 231, 232 or 25X).  The student’s faculty consultant may also be notified from the placement recommendation. This helps be certain that a student can sign up for the right French course as quickly as possible to make sure timely completing the language requirement, allowing students who intend to continue study beyond French 232 to start the foundational courses immediately.

The Recognition Code at St. Olaf College

Placement exam Official Recognition Code    

   Placement Exam

In France They placement test is as with other tests at St. Olaf for the reason that students are advised of the pledge to follow the school Recognition Code.

Official Recognition Code

Placement Exam


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