Uva french placement (f-cape) exam

Uva french placement (f-cape) exam elementary or intermediate

The F-CAPE is really a computerized, multiple-choice exam. It tests grammar, vocabulary, and studying comprehension there aren’t any listening or speaking components.

The internet French Placement Test (F-CAPE exam) can be used to find out a student’s appropriate placement inside a French course at UVA.  A student may earn exemption in the College’s language competency requirement by putting past the French 2020 level around the exam. For individuals students who don’t place beyond 2020 (the 4th-semester, intermediate course), test signifies the right level where to carry on studying French at UVA to be able to fulfill the language requirement in order to get ready for more complex study from the language.

Who Must Take the position Test?

  • Entering first-year students who’ve studied French in senior high school, but who’ve not taken the Sitting II French exam, must take the internet French Placement Test (also known as the F-CAPE exam) before summer time orientation.  See the hyperlink to instructions below. (For those who have taken the Sitting II in French, you does not need to go ahead and take Placement Test.  You might go ahead and take Placement Test, however, should you came not far from testing from the requirement using the Sitting II and wish another chance at doing this.)
  • Entering students who’ve taken the AP exam in French, but who’ll not receive their AP scores until after summer time registration, should make the internet Placement Test to obtain a general concept of the right placement before subscribing to fall classes.  We’ll always employ the greater of two exam scores when the results indicate different amounts of placement in French.
  • The Position Test (F-CAPE exam) is meant for entering students and could simply be taken once.  The exam may from time to time be helpful for current students who’ve not had French for several years or who curently have a placement score, but from the test taken in the past.
  • Transfer students:  Should you receive transfer credit for elementary or intermediate-level French courses taken at another institution before you decide to matriculate towards the college, you should preserve with a higher level of French here.  Should you received transfer credit for the same as French 2020, then you’ve satisfied the College’s language requirement. (The following course in sequence is either French 2320 or 3031.)  If you didn’t receive transfer credit for the previous French study, you need to go ahead and take online Placement Test (F-CAPE exam).  You may even wish to consult the humanities and Sciences website for details about transfer credits: http://college.artsandsciences.virginia.edu/transfer .

After you have your F-CAPE score, please evaluate the French Course Placement information carefully. 

When and where may be the F-CAPE Exam Administered?

Please go ahead and take test online before your summer time orientation session.  (See instructions below.)

Instructions to take the F-CAPE Exam

Please be aware:

  • You might take this exam just once.
  • Uva french placement (f-cape) exam will find

  • Make sure to print the score confirmation page in the finish from the exam. (Go ahead and take printed score page for your summer time orientation and also to class on the very first day from the semester.)

Please read information in this article before you take this exam.

Adopt these measures:

  1. Visit the Online Placement Exam in the following URL – http://webcape.byuhtrsc.org/?acct=virginia
  2. Enter in the exam password: cavaliers1
  3. Disable any pop-up blockers you might have activated.  You will have to talk to your individual Web browser, or other additional software that gives pop-up blocking, to do this.  Usually, you will find directions within the Help menu of relevant software packages.
  4. Click the language you want to capture (French).
  5. Complete the data page.  Please incorporate your first and last names only within the name fields.
  6. Your UVa computing user ID (i.e., cab9z) as well as your e-mail address are needed.  You have to incorporate your UVa Computing User ID or perhaps your score won’t be recorded.
  7. Go ahead and take test.  You might go ahead and take test just once.  If you think you will find extenuating conditions that warrant retaking the exam, you have to contact the word what Program Director ( ksj7c@virginia.edu for permission to do this.  Retaking the exam without permission might be considered an recognition breach.

Submission from the exam inside your name implies that the score honestly reflects your present language abilities without the help of others or with any materials.

  1. Whenever your score pops up, you have to wait for a official score are accountable to appear.  PRINT This Site!  You May Need A Printed Of The SCORE To Provide For Your INSTRUCTOR The Very First Day Of Sophistication.  KEEPING THIS RECORD Is The RESPONSIBILITY.  New first-year students might also require the printed from the score for registration throughout the summer time orientation period. 
  2. For those who have satisfied the FL requirement having a score of 477 or greater, in france they Department will forward these details towards the Registrar.  Don’t forget in order to save a document as well as an electronic copy of the score.

Should you choose experience technical difficulties, please be aware the next:

Placement Test: Technical FAQs

From time to time F-CAPE doesn’t work. Before you decide to contact anybody, please feel the following steps to trobleshoot and fix your condition. The majority of the issues with F-CAPE result from user error when they are due to issues with the developer at Brigham Youthful College where F-CAPE is supported, they’re usually short-resided. Thus it is recommended that if you have troubles, you attempt again a couple of hrs later or the following day.

Meanwhile, here are a few generally requested technical questions:

Resourse: http://french.as.virginia.edu/
Uva french placement (f-cape) exam please be aware

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