39 insanely fun team development activities for work (not “trust falls”)

Why we like it: Morgan highlights a significant theme within this section – friendly competition includes a fantastic method of enabling team people to allow their pads lower and make relationships outdoors of labor.

4. Board Game Marathon

Thailand-based task keeper Taskworld kicks it old-fashioned with this particular throwback activity.

Mind of Content Shiv Sharma explains:

Taskworld1-Shiv“Video games are wonderful but nonetheless nothing brings people together just like a traditional game.

Once per week, everybody gathers around for any bet on Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, or Magic. There exists a assortment of 10 games to select from.Inches

-Shiv Sharma, Mind of Content

Taskworld board game marathon

Why we like it: That one rocks because it’s cheap, and combines in person interaction with nostalgia for that classic games from your childhood.

5. Type Fight

Nothing embodies the spirit of competition like mind-to-mind competition.

Even though a Bloodstream Sport style tournament is most likely unthinkable, Cruz Siblings provides for us a far more creative (and far safer) undertake the powerful fight club:

Nora Headshot_Blog“Type Fight is really a semi-monthly typography design contest, where two coworkers face off on a single letter, and all of those other agency votes for his or her favorite!”

-Nora DiNuzzo, Business Development Manager

type fight

Why we like it: This you have everything – friendly competition, creativeness, and on top of that, it’s proportional towards the work that Cruz Siblings does. A lot win.

6. Kickball League

Typography is excellent and all sorts of, but at SnackNation, we choose to compete within the existence or dying stakes world of… adult kickball.

SnackNation Member Success Executive Manager and kickball enthusiast Yuliya Malamud explains her passion for the boot and run sport:

yuliya“I became a member of our kickball league because it’s a terrific way to become familiar with my coworkers better along with a phenomenal method to make new friends who do not work at SnackNation.

Plus, it’s fun, provides me with something to expect to midway with the week, helping me let my inner child emerge.Inches

-Yuliya Malamud, Member Success Executive Manager

SnackNation office kickball league

Why we like it: Kickball is excellent because it’s all-inclusive. Anybody can enjoy (no matter their degree of athleticism), also it includes individuals who don’t always enjoy happy hrs or any other party-oriented activities.

7. Nerf Fight

Imagine your workplace switched into a battleground where both you and your team must interact to prevent impending disaster. That’s how the team at YouEarnedIt “plays” together:

tim_headshot“May possibly not appear such as the most traditional team development exercise, but at YouEarnedIt we feel in celebrating our accomplishments in any manner makes our employees the most joyful.

Within 24 hours we found that YouEarnedIt won the title of Best Spot to operate in Austin, we held our first Nerf Fight Royale. Our employees pooled together their YouEarnedIt suggests fund and launch what switched out to become a effective team-building exercise.

For half an hour, the whole office grew to become a battleground where strategy, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking meant the main difference between existence and (virtual) dying.”

-Tim Ryan, VP of promoting


8. Culture Jam Sessions

Team development isn’t nearly socializing, it is also about connecting over shared values and reinforcing a shared company culture.

Worker recognition software company WorkStride created an innovative method to celebrate their culture while concurrently developing a forum where their workers can connect on the personal level. They refer to it as the “Culture Jam.” Director of promoting Meredith Mejia explains:

Meredith Mejia Headshot“Company culture is amazingly vital that you us at WorkStride, so we know we can’t just allow chance, especially once we keep growing.

Our Chief executive officer Jim Hemmer has implemented annual ‘culture jam sessions’ where employees meet up in small groups to speak about exactly what the culture is today, where we’d want it to be, and just how we obtain there.

The most crucial factor we all do would be to record all of the groups’ feedback and incorporate it right into a culture guidebook, that is a living document that people make reference to all year round.

Recent ideas which were implemented incorporated holding hackathons to inspire innovation, hosting healthy cooking classes, and scheduling brown bag lunches with leaders of departments apart from your personal to understand more about the things they’re doing.

Like a company who helps other organizations build better cultures through worker recognition and engagement, we take this method seriously because we preach the significance of culture to business results every single day!Inches

– Meredith Mejia, Director of promoting

Why we like it: Culture jams not just encourage employees to consider critically about what sort of culture they would like to create, however these ideas are ingeniously taken within the company’s cultural guidebook. Too frequently, the outcomes of those brainstorms aren’t recorded, with no progress is created – regardless of the best intentions of everybody involved.

9. Cultural Celebration

Sometimes celebrating our variations is equally as effective as uniting over shared values.

Taskworld comes with an amazing idea for individuals individuals who operate in particularity diverse cultural settings:

Taskworld1-Shiv“With over 15 nationalities in a single office, we’re never lacking tales. At Taskworld we actually celebrate this diversity.

At least one time per week, every team member participates a cultural experience involving another person in they.

It has produced a scenario in the organization in which the French watch Bollywood movies, Spanish people understand cricket, Indians eat Hungarian food … and everybody loves Thailand.”

-Shiv Sharma, Mind of Content

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