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Visiting New Orleans doesn’t need to break your money box! With the much culture, the town offers lots of fun stuff that are FREE or inexpensive for your family to savor.

  • Stroll through Jackson Square throughout the day where both you and your kids will love street performers playing instruments and tap dancing.
  • Tour St. Louis Cathedral.
  • When you’re there, create a wish within the Jackson Square fountain –it’ll only set you back the cent you toss in!
  • Browse the area right across from Jackson Square with steps resulting in the Moonwalk, in which you’ll frequently find mimes, musicians, unicyclists and much more, all performing a number of functions for that gathering crowds.
  • Watch the numerous artists who setup shop every single day in Pirate’s Alley and round the square. The performers’ focus on new works of art and portraits, and display their artwork for sale.
  • Watch the sailboats race on Lake Pontchartrain in the Lakefront Park or watch the sunset from Lakeshore Drive.
  • Go to the French Market, where local artisans setup shop and fruit is offered.
  • Make sure to go by outdoors air event gazebo close to the French Market in which you will hear live jazz throughout the day once the weather conditions are nice. On the way, allow the kids watch pralines being made with the store home windows. Try New Orleans Famous Pralines.
  • Go with the French Market where Carnival masks and souvenirs produced by local craftsmen take presctiption display throughout the day.
  • Don’t miss the streetcar ($1.25 person, children 2 and under FREE) on St. Charles Avenue, a historic street with big, old oak trees lining the road. The streetcar will require your loved ones to have an outside ride with the Garden District, where lots of beautiful mansions as well as their gardens can be found. It is also a terrific way to arrive at the Audubon Zoo.
  • Browse the numerous city and condition operated parks in New Orleans, in addition to individuals run by the nation’s Park Service.
  • Come along throughout the holdays for special free occasions, like the Historic French Quarter Easter time Parade, the Krewe of Boo Halloween parade (start practicing saying, "Throw me somethin’, Monster!"), and also the Krewe of Jingle parade at Christmastime.
  • Remember Carnival, "The Finest Free Display on Earth!" Children are asked to parade free of charge using the Krewe of Little Rascals.

Note: Keep in mind that not every areas of in france they Quarter are kid-friendly, especially during the night! We advise planning your route in advance so that you can avoid these areas.

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