French feminine secret: make everyday an energetic affair


“An early-morning walk is really a blessing for the entire day.”

― Henry David Thoreau

If Americans did one factor quite well….

It’s visited confuse a simple concept:   Moving our physiques.

Does exercise appear just like a daunting task that you’d rather avoid?  Are you confused on how to move the body?  Do you question, “Should I actually do fast spurts or perhaps a slow jog”?  Yoga or Crossfit? Barre class or tango?

When confused, this really is when I use in france they for any good sense approach that nearly appears too easy to be real.

Go into the French Mademoiselle …

After I showed up in Paris the very first time, I desperately searched for a fitness center.  My inner monologue was saying which i required to burn individuals calories that I’d be consuming from croissants, le chocolat and Champagne.  

The greater I looked, the greater perplexed I grew to become.    I saw the periodic jogger (Now i place my bets these were ex-pats).  And, nobody was putting on yoga pants.

I couldn’t look for a gym in Paris.

How did these French women stay so slim?  

I simply had to discover.

Over dinner, I requested a French lady about her exercise routine.  She clarified, “Oh, I do not exercise.  I just walk a lot and I love to play tennis.”  She missed it as being exercise but involving inside a pleasure.


She also confessed that life is extremely hard for in france they individual who is overweight — in the looks they receive for their lack of ability to locate clothes.  For this reason alone, they’re motivated to remain slim.

This appeared a little harsh….but…. okay! 

My findings?  During that visit, I dropped 5 pounds per week while eating foie gras, nightly indulgences of plusieurs fromages and wine during meals.  And, don’t forget forget le chocolat!


Back in your own home, I would a fitness center every day looking to get six-pack abs and watching my calories just like a hawk, cutting my carbs lower to some minimum. I’d prescribed towards the “no discomfort, no gain” philosophy.  If it was not causing my muscles to scream in discomfort, I assumed it was not worth time.

Like the majority of things within my existence at that time, I resided in extremes, which meant if this found exercise, I had been either sitting or spinning.

However, in Paris, I had been moving all day long sans a fitness center (seriously, thankfully, I couldn’t locate one.  This was pre-smartphone mounted on us like leashes).

That which was the main difference?

In France They lifestyle makes all day long movement as natural as waking and sleeping.

No matter our thought of in france they lady lounging at cafes smoking (you will find, she does that perfectly too), what we should don’t see are the amount of steps that they rose and walked to fit her little derriere for the reason that seat.

Julianne, a girl who resides in the Marais district of Paris explained:

“I eat things i want.  Drink things i want.  And, I walk throughout this city within my heels.  That’s my secret. And, I do not wish to have hard muscles just like a man.  I want to resemble a lady, to ensure that takes many of the pressure off.”

As the French have mastered the skill of leisure, they aren’t lazy people.

They walk everywhere, some women (not every) take part in sports they love and shop daily for his or her food after which carry 10 pounds of groceries up, sometimes, five flight of stairs for their apartment.  They take strolls after dinner, as well as their sex existence is usually very active.

All of this activity accumulates throughout the path of each day.

Consequently, most stay slim and healthy.

Also, with regards to une voiture (translation = a vehicle) the French share.  I was shocked to uncover that my well-off French buddies get one vehicle for the whole family – mother, father and 2 teenagers.   Whoever remains with no keys are d’aller à pied.  This lifestyle leaves more income within their pocket for play along with other indulgences …. along with a tight bottom is definitely a pleasant reward.

In France They lady lives for any existence of enjoyment.

She finds nothing sensual in wasting two hrs of her precious day driving to a health club, altering clothes, pushing and pulling on some sweaty machine and surrounding herself with grunting males filled with testosterone (she saves that for that bed room).  She’d rather go for a walk with buddies and eat rather less.  She’s confused through the American who spends hrs during a workout session creating a voracious appetite, simply to leave and undo everything hard make use of a large meal.

She also recognizes that any regimen that they can’t maintain for existence may ultimately fail her.  

So, with regards to exercise, she chooses consistent moderation.

So, mon amie, let’s say YOU adopted a far more natural, feminine method of exercise rather from the intense extremes in our culture that leave a lot of women frustrated and feeling defeated because it isn’t aligned using their natural, feminine method of being?

I will tell you against experience things i think happens:

You’d enjoy moving the body a lot more and prevent residing in the tortuous extremes that always finish in defeat.

10 French Inspired Movement Ideas

Basically we can’t all reside in Paris or perhaps be French, so we don’t need to be, I have found some clever methods to live existence more sensually while adding movement into daily existence.

1.  Park at the rear of the Parking Area:

Don’t be among individuals people who spends ten minutes of the precious existence circling all for any space through the door.  Challenge you to ultimately park at the rear of all.  Those extra steps accumulate.

2. Locate an Active Artform:

Taking part in dance, pole dancing, trapeze or any talent that needs you to definitely move the body could be fun and make you stay fit.

3. Go ahead and take Stairs:

I rarely take elevators when stairs can be found.  The the next time you will find the opportunity to climb a few flights, get it done!

4. Walk with Purpose:

In France They understand how to stroll, they also understand how to get the interest rate with regard to fitness.  Walk quickly while contracting your abdomen and having to pay focus on your posture.

5. Venture out exploring:

Many Parisians clock a large number of steps each day simply by going through the city. Why can’t you need to do exactly the same? Walk around your city, town or neighborhood.  You might be surprised at the awesome stuff you uncover.

6. Choose a sport:

French women might not play the Seine at six o’clock each morning.  She’s more prone to possess a sport she enjoys taking part in:  skiing, snowboarding, golf, swimming, tennis or yoga.  The French mindset is among individualism, so choose something love after which reach playing!

7. Sneak up Fitness:

French ladies have sneaky methods up their sleeves to help keep fit.  For example, my pal, Catherine, does 100 squats every morning while drying her hair.  I perform lunges while vacuuming, and I’ve learned that 100 sit-ups takes me towards the first fifteen minutes of the movie.  How are you able to sneak up a couple of strengthening moves to your day?

8. Grow an outdoor:

Bending over, raking, digging and pulling will certainly supplment your health and fitness. My grandmother wasn’t French, but she would be a Farm girl.  She never walked feet right into a gym, but she labored in her garden and walked a great deal.  She resided to become 93 and it was tres slim.

9. Obtain a Bike: 

I really like seeing a chic French woman biking with the roads of Paris — usually in heels along with a dress. Residing in a bicycle obsessed town, I’m really enjoying this idea of departing the vehicle both at home and striking the pavement having a bike.  In fact, I got myself an urban area bike this season.  I liven up, grab my Papillionaire and bike into the city to get bread, cruise through the river and merely benefit from the beautiful scenery.  My inner Frenchie is really happy with me.

10. Make your Active Mantra: 

Rather of involving in beliefs regarding your loathing of exercise, start to alter mantras from the lady you wish to be, a proper, fit and happy lady.  You will fit the beliefs you have with regards to you.   Try creating your personal mantra to help remind yourself of the body’s natural need to move.  These are a few of my top picks:

I’m a lady on the go.

I’m creating my favorite body every. 

My body system deserves movement. 

Celebrate and recognition what the body likes to do.  

This really is Living in france they Hug Existence-style at its finest!

That which you do inside your street clothes matters nearly as much as that which you do inside your workout clothes. It’s not necessary to participate a fitness center or put on gym clothes to maneuver the body.

I am going through stages where I really like sweating it while weight lifting other occasions, I favor biking, dancing or wake boarding.   So, if you love a fitness center, then go ahead and, do it now!

After I found the gorgeous road to moderation and pleasure, I recognized how complicated I had been making something which is very simple:   Just move and revel in existence!

My existence grew to become a great deal sweeter after i stopped using the insane American fitness ethic and adopted a far more European approach (and my body system grew to become slimmer too!).

Coincidence?  I think not.

It had been the extremes which was causing a lot struggle.

Now it’s Your Turn, Bon Vivant:

Please take united nations petit moment to reply to these 3 questions within the comments below:

1.  What are a few fun ways that you could move the body every single day?

2.  What is the inspiring mantra for moving the body?

3.  Do you’ve some savvy secrets that help you stay fit?

I would like to learn about your encounters.  I can’t wait to combine and mingle along with you below.

This Writer,


Masculin / Féminin : How to Deal with the Gender of French Words


napa modesto: I look at my furniture now and wonder which are girls or boys.

Azren the Language Nerd: hahaha, too funny xD

Felipe Eugênio Vinhal: Well, any romantic languages deals with that, but we don't see objects as humans just because there's gender in our grammar lol

Katerina: UN problème, even though it ends with an E.

Léo RHODES: Maximum Frequency En tout cas tu parles bien! Après tu as tout un tas de sujet, ça depend ce que tu aimes. Tu peux essayer des vidéos de gaming, ça diverti et les gens parlent avec un langage courant. Après c'est pas forcément du très bon français.\nSinon il y a tout un tas de vulgarisateur sur plein de sujets différents. N'hésite pas à demander si tu veux des noms de chaines françaises ;)

tee bee: The word that confuses me the most is how le lycée is masculin.

thierryf67: some words like this one, that came from greek word, kept a 'e' at the end. but are masculine :\n Un mausolée, un lycée, un musée, un scarabée, un trophée, un gynécée

Igmatic: i've always wonder why it is more appropriate to say "et toi" rather than "et tu"

Lucas Augsten: That's because english is weird with object pronouns because the "you" doesn't change. It's me, you, him/her, us, you, them. In french the object pronouns are moi, toi, lui/elle/soi, nous, vous and eux/elles. It's "Et toi" because in english, if you replaced the You for He it would become "And him", not "and he". So to get it right you have to think "If I translated to english and it was any other pronoun, would I use I/He/She/We/They or Me/him/her/us/them?"

Matthew Cress: Honestly, learning and memorising the gender of a noun has been the hardest part of my french language experience (and this is coming from someone who has a degree in French that lives in France). It got so frustrating that at one point I made a guide to help me (that I haven't even finished because there were so many exceptions). The only thing that has seemed to help me is repetition of certain words in context, plus my "intuition".