No excuses: 20 simple & fun methods to practice an overseas language

No excuses: 20 simple & fun methods to practice an overseas language then your search is over

“I can’t manage to buy study materials," “Between work and responsibilities in your own home, I simply don’t have time to review.Inches “I can’t look for a partner for speaking practice.” Excuses. Trust us, we’ve heard all of them. Plus they just do not work around. The simple truth is, in case you really would like to learn a language, you’ll try to get it done. There’s really many easy, easy and fun methods to infuse language-learning to your everyday activities – many of which cost little or very little. To demonstrate it, we come up with a summary of 20 suggestions to help you get began.


1. Read a news article inside a language.

2. Write a standing update or tweet inside a language.

3. Pay attention to the live feed of the worldwide radio station online.

4. Join an worldwide pen pal and exchange emails regularly.

5. Prepare from the recipe that's written entirely inside a language.

6. Rent an overseas movie watching it with no subtitles. If that’s too hard, try activating the closed captions to be able to begin to see the lines designed in the initial language, as opposed to the converted version.

7. Download a trivia application for the smartphone that’s within the language you would like to understand. Still a novice? Try searching for any children’s version for easier phrasing.

8. The next time you want to the shop, practice writing your grocery list entirely within the language you're studying.

9. Go to a foreign restaurant and check out ordering within the language.

10. Possess a partner to review with? Try playing “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” or Scrabble within the language you’re studying.

11. Inside a relationship? Develop a chuckle pet names for the spouse which are inside a language (like “Schatz” the german language or “Chéri” in French). Up for any challenge? Practice writing a whole love letter.

12. Browse the foreign music charts, choose a couple songs, and try to comprehend the lyrics. Too hard? Lookup the lyrics on the internet and you have an excellent translation challenge!

13. The next time you'll need directions, look them in an overseas language by visiting an worldwide form of google's Maps site (for instance: the German, French, or Spanish site). It’s a terrific way to learn vocabulary!

14. Enroll in a language Meetup in your town.

15. Finding foreign or worldwide clubs or associations in your town is most likely simpler than you believe. Think creatively when you are searching: schools, college campuses, as well as places of worship or any other religious organizations could be a good way to consider clubs.

16. What’s your preferred Television show? Odds are it either includes a counterpart (like The American Idol Show or Survivor) or perhaps a dubbed version inside a language. Try installing episodes or search for clips online to look at. Alternatively, you can buy a DVD set online – just remember that you might need an worldwide DVD player to be able to see it.

17. “Like” or “follow” an overseas company on Facebook. This can infuse your newsfeed with language content.

18. Searching for any fun method to practice vocabulary? Every day, choose a different subject to pay attention to (e.g. creatures, food & drink, or family people) and find out the number of words try listing for your subject. Every time you create a list, attempt to list more words than yesterday. If you wish to take this concern one stage further, try to think of a word starting with each letter from the alphabet.

19. Are you aware that official Wikipedias happen to be produced in 285 languages? Therefore if you’re searching for apparently endless written content to browse (on just about any subject), then your search is over.

20. Turn your lower-time into language-learning time. Practice vocab whilst getting ready each morning, possess a conversation on your own within the shower (nobody knows – we promise!), or doodle conjugation charts in your lunch time. Relaxing in traffic? Pay attention to foreign music and exercise singing along. See? Just about any situation could be switched right into a language-learning chance. There’s virtually no excuse to not try.

Remember everybody – let’s get this to the entire year that you simply invest in learning an overseas language! Come along on Facebook and Twitter. #LanguageResolution. Take the initial step towards accomplishing a foreign language resolution with Mango's greater than 70 online language courses. Together, are going to it!


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BiMiHi: To save you 16 minutes,\n\n3 simple rules:\n1. Find one person to talk with, a conversation partner\n2. No english rule with this person, only language that you are learning\n3. Start speaking :)\n\n"a good start is half the success"

Achu Geh Alfred: love this motivation

littleripper312: The real reason most people do not learn a language is because they like the idea of learning it but not the reality of learning it.

Teodora Stroia: Jeffrey D I actually enjoy the procces more than the results. I'm learning some languages that I won't use…I just like the sound of them and I have a lot of fun studying. I think it's more interesting to learn a language if you don't learn it in school and if you don't have a limited time to learn it because these two make you feel that you're not free and that it's smth that you have to do (a burden) rather then smth that you want to do (a joy/oportunity)

Poutanas Malakopoulos: Making mistakes in languages is kind of like farting,You don't like doing it, but it's a sign that your bowels are working.

james rudolph: as it says in the bible; " you will know them by the smell of their ass" (it was nice crop-dusting you BTW!)

disarmsox: Google translate is ok for words but terrible at translating whole sentences!

onee: +disarmsox Not just Google translate, Google itself just sucks. If you search something historical up, you get shitty Google ads instead. Just try to look something up about the history of a smartphone.

Shane Wilson: Learning a language is like building muscles. Everyone wants them but most people won't put in the effort.

Crocodile: Building muscle is so much easier