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French Classes Sources & Perks

Student Sources

Learning French at FIAF goes past the classroom! Listed here are sources for students who wish to immerse themselves much more in french and culture.

Online Exercises

We’ve collected an array of online exercises to match each unit from the textbooks for that General French 101 to 506 level classes.

View exercises here

Sources at FIAF

The Library

Make sure to go to the John and Francine Haskell Library to the second floor (FIAF Manhattan) to have an extensive assortment of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and also the digital platform Culturethèque! There are also FIAFLibrary on Spotify to savor our assortment of French music.

Cultural Occasions

Immerse yourself in French culture at FIAF! Our cultural choices include performances, art exhibitions, and Art de Vivre talks. FIAF also hosts New You are able to’s only year-round French cinema series: CinéSalon. Come along every Tuesday for a night of film in French with British subtitles, adopted by wine and conversation. Students enter free of charge using their complimentary FIAF membership!

Mobile Phone Applications

Studying French on the run is simple with this particular choice of apps for the cell phone.

DuoLingo: Extensive written training and dictation, along with a vocabulary section where learned words may be practiced.

Anki: Download teams of flashcards and make your vocabulary.

Memrise: Makes learning fun with mems – little snippets of imagination and humor that aid recall skills.

WordPower: Learn vocabulary with pictures and audio recordings. Store difficult words in short bank or enable push notifications to get a “word during the day.”

Learn French with RFI: Improve your French via a virtual adventure while you walk into the footwear of the journalist to research a suspicious situation.

Online Sources

Whether you need to lookup verb conjugations, have a grammar quiz, or catch the most recent news, there’s an exciting number of websites that will help you master french. We’ve five sections to help you get began. Bon courage!


Begin by diving into this feature of dictionaries, grammar training, verb conjugators, and recorded and highlighted vocabulary.

Larousse FR-EN Dictionary:

EN-FR Food Dictionary:

Slang Dictionary:

Verb Conjugator:

Vocabulaire audio et illustré :

French Grammar Described:

Practice and Play

Challenge yourself! Test out your level and improve understanding of grammar, vocabulary and phonetics with interactive exercises and games.

Test your height of French:

Interactive exercises:

Interactive exercises:

Word games for novices: jeuxdemots.providence.learningtogether.internet

Test out your conjugation with games:

Vocabulary tests:

Grammar tests:

Phonetic exercises:

Practice French with TV5 Monde:


Strengthen your comprehension skills through interviews and tracks from TV commercials, all supported with quizzes targeted at different levels.

TV5 Monde quizzes:

Hone your talent with this particular interactive magazine:

Pay attention to interviews with native loudspeakers:

Videos from French TV and Internet:

Culture and Media

Gain a look into French culture and current matters through its major national dailies, Web Radio and tv.

About France:

French music:

Le Monde:

Le Parisien:

Le Figaro:

Radio France Internationale:

TV5 Monde:

France 24:

Courrier Worldwide:

Le Gorafi (news satire, like The Onion):

French Morning:


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