Avoid vacation apartment rental scams – strategies of paris – the only real authentic insider help guide to paris.

Avoid vacation apartment rental scams - strategies of paris - the only real authentic insider help guide to paris. get scammed by

We have all heard the tales of holiday rentals that do not take a look at all such as the photos, or worse, don’t even exist. Therefore if you are considering renting a holiday apartment for your forthcoming visit to Paris, and wish to make certain you don’t get scammed, listed here are a couple of tips.

To begin with, only rent via a trustworthy agency. These are available on this website or with the Tourism Office website. Generally, a trustworthy agency may have their address and make contact with listed online. Beware "anonymous" ones. They might simply be scamming the tax man, not you, however for reassurance insist a minimum of about this. And verify the agency is guaranteeing the rental, not only listing the proprietors information on their website.

If you wish to obtain a better deal if you rent then direct from your owner, through Craigslist, or through other online or print ads (there are plenty of), there are several safeguards to follow along with:

– NEVER send deposit money via MoneyGram, Western Union, or other kind of cash transfer system that can not be tracked to some personal account. Pay having a charge card or through PayPal to be able to recover your hard earned money if there’s a.

– Always request proof the person renting the apartment is usually the owner: ask to determine ID along with a recent electric or telephone bill within their name using the address from the apartment.

– Request references and appearance them.

– Google the home and also the owner online (the web pages Blanches at www.pagesjaunes.fr may even show a picture from the building). Unless of course they are around the blocked list, they ought to show up on the White-colored Pages listing (my name turns up, for instance, only with phone and zipcode, and not the full address).

– Be immediately on guard when the owner’s email is filled with bad grammer or odd-sounding British, when the owner is not in Paris and insists upon send the cash to a different city and/or person, along with other telltale signs like ads that do not match the photos.

Another articles about them are available here and here (scroll lower a little).

Avoid vacation apartment rental scams - strategies of paris - the only real authentic insider help guide to paris. ll use this his

Amazingly (but yet), there’s an entire site about scammers using CraigsList Paris here (again, scroll lower beyond the names to see your comments ought to) and the other scam victim speaks here. A few of these come from proprietors, who will also get scammed by fake renters, that ought to visit show a legit owner is going to be as wary when you are.

I’ve heard lots of people say Will not send a duplicate of the ID for an owner because then they’ll use this his or her own fake ID. Again, if you’re renting with an agency, you will not suffer from these issues.

Personally, I’ve rented apartments direct from proprietors effortlessly, however i always were built with a back-up plan (the closest hotel by having an available room), wasn’t traveling wonderful my loved ones the very first time inside a country where I do not speak the neighborhood language, and did not send this type of huge deposit which i it might finish my vacation if I used to be scammed.

I’m not going you to definitely become paranoid, just a little more street smart. Obviously, that’s helpful advice to go somewhere with generally. 🙂

Resourse: http://secretsofparis.com/heathers-secret-blog/2009/4/18/

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