Paris apartment rentals: insider’s help guide to setting it up right

Paris apartment rentals: insider’s help guide to setting it up right with children and

Best place for romance

There’s anything romantic than the usual look at the Eiffel Tower, especially during the night, if this sparkles every hour around the hour. The very best view comes from the privacy of the apartment balcony. An execllent place may be the Bir-Hakeim Bridge—it’s taken off the game all around the tower and perfectly placed for wonderful photos.

Best place for a household

The seventh arrondissement in the heart of Paris hosts many families with children and it has quick access to museums and monuments. You’re also near to the jungle gyms and grassy expanse from the Champion de Mars, the Berges de Seine riverbank promenade, the cruise-boat pier close to the Eiffel Tower, and also the RER line that can take you to definitely Euro Disney. The seventh also offers many excellent bakeries—children can select a replacement every day—as along with affordable restaurants and open-air markets.

Best location for a big group

Our six-apartment building at 25 Place Dauphine, within the geographical center of Paris, is ideal for large groups, especially multiple families or categories of buddies. Each sub-group might have its very own private apartment, and you may walk to many of Paris’s top attractions. The second is a huge advantage, since using public transit having a group could be tricky—you shouldn’t leave stragglers behind once the Metro doorways close!

Paris apartment rentals: insider’s help guide to setting it up right grassy expanse from the

Best place for home cooks

Remaining near École Militaire within the seventh arrondissement places you between three from the largest Parisian grocery stores: rue Cler, the Grenelle open-air market, and also the Marché Saxe-Breteuil. The area also boasts a trio of restaurants operated by Michelin-appeared chef Cristian Constant, so culinary inspiration need never run short. Our Margaux apartment includes a large, fully outfitted kitchen and 2 big platforms, one of these around the wrap-around balcony. And if you wish to learn to make tarte Tatin or even the perfect soufflé, our Travel Design Team can arrange cooking training.

Do’s and Don’ts


Renting your place on Airbnb: a 15min how-to guide of expert rent tips and host tricks


Joshua Baldwin: I am a host, and for me, bathroom cleaning is the biggest thorn in my side. I really appreciated those tips a lot. Thanks!\n\nSome small things that I do that are very popular are 1) have a phone/tablet charging station on the nightstand next to the bed, 2) have the lamp be dimmable, and 3) utilize nightlights to offer accent lighting to the space. \n\nDecor is a huge aspect, because it is the visual cue to differentiate you from the competition. I believe that much of my success is due to a unique decor. \n\nAlso, getting local visitor guidebooks in the space is a big plus. My guests appreciate coupon books, tourist guides, local maps, etc, so I stay on the lookout for those!

Alejandra Salazar: Joshua Baldwin awesome great tips! Quick question do you charge a deposit ?

GarageMed: 3 more tips:\n1) Calendar: Use the Airbnb calendar functions to enable/disable rental dates. I always disable booking more than 3 months in the future in case my plans or schedule change. 2) Parking: make sure to explain this to guests in your listing AND message them instructions before they arrive. 3) Arrival: make sure to make a good first impression–including the walkway up the front door and the view of the house from just inside the front door.

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Tony Campbell: This was the video I needed to see to get going with AirBnB. I have an upstairs empty with 2 bedrooms, exercise room and bathroom. I would make the rest of the house available (kitchen, living room, etc) except my master suite and garage. Should I put deadbolt locks on those?

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