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the Pompadour with Boucher, Chardin and Fragonard, Watteau

defined a period. Yet when Watteau dies at 37 in 1721, Boucher has

only 18 Fragonard isn’t born, it requires twelve years, which year

the Pompadour was created. And Watteau, which symbolizes the feelings

of youth in age Enlightenment, he resided his short existence underneath the

rigid reign of Louis XIV. He’s adopted those of six years within the

grave. The king, who ended his reign in weariness and Watteau, getting

new time, observed exactly the same occasions. Watteau seemed to be the courtisan of

Louis XIV. In

1702, while

Watteau just try success in Paris, new classes emerged,


the gown or high finance. Women of the wealthy bourgeoisie joined by

their marriage within the aristocracy. A genuine osmosis is made

between these social groups and Parisian salons where women like

Marquise du Deffand get the intellectual elite of Europe.


appreciate small decorative paints for garnish trim salons and

boudoirs. This is actually the painting connected with "duration of recklessness"

that Jacquemart-André Museum devotes its exhibition around the


from the fete galante, made fashionable by Watteau but already outdated

in the finish from the career of Fragonard. With

the dying of Louis XIV, the cultural light of France will change from

Versailles to Paris. The brand new intelligentsia will require Antoine Watteau

under their protection. It first goes through the workshop Gillot he

grew to become students which help. The teacher introduced him towards the Italian

theater and biting wit. No teaching may well be more hostile to the skill of

Grand Siècle. Watteau found Pants, Harlequin and Isabelle in


second master, Claude Audran III. By him, he’ll apply his talent to

new accreditation and privacy in which the paint no more deploys the

adventures of heroes and gods decor, but spawns the amorous subjects.


inside a landscape, the women toilet, who try frequently brush Watteau,

and much more, those of his successors, if needed. This tradition

styles enthusiasts to the thirteenth century and also the discovery of

courtly love. Prefiguring the field of Watteau happens in effect in

Honoré d’Urfé, whose enthusiasts dream simply to escape


existence and join the enchanted island Cythera Watteau baptize.


his sketches, more than in the works of art, the

master prefers

a clear, crisp line, griffonis nervous, rapid windings. A baroque inspiration.

And Watteau could it be reflects the resolution of the 18th century

emerging renew its sources. His vision has worked out such influence

over his successors that from 1720, Quillard and Lancret will capture

his subjects. We discover the theme if Italian comedia within the

Pleasures from the ball, and also in The Pilgrimage to Cythera, work that

permitted Watteau joining the Academy in 1717 inside a style produced

specifically for him, those of the fête galante. The field of

Watteau was created. François

Boucher, who respected Watteau, engraved with fervor a lot of his

sketches. However the comparison stops there. Within the situation of Boucher, more

than gallant festivals, it’s pastoral, a genre that they may be the

creator. The protagonists of those scenes are often introduced towards the

loving couple in which the lady is not the elegant Parisienne

Watteau however a shepherdess costume, where costumes aren’t wealthy fabrics

Paris apartments in paris holiday rentals parisbestlodge proprietors direct To get thisbut gallant party sturdy clothing Boucher

was the favourite painter from the Marquise de Pompadour. She’d been

introduced to Paris within the movement of recent ideas in art as with philosophy.

It’ll bring air in the capital towards the king and also the court of

Versailles. She really the thought of ​​a "century of Louis XV" and switch

towards the glory from the reign activity from the finest artists of times.

More to the point, it’ll play a vital role within the evolution of fashion

which will mark the center of a lifetime. The friendly and whimsical

rock taste, first mark the triumph of imagination over reason. However it

is incorporated in the name of reason, in 1750, to attract a violent reaction that

impose around the arts "go back to ancient times." Fragonard pays the cost. He

was been trained in the workshop of Boucher, who switched an important

intermediary between him and Watteau. From 1767 he abandoned history

painting to devote themself to personal commissions frequently coping with

love issues, what are interpretation from the theme of Fragonard

fête galante. His exceptional feeling of fantasy and illusion

ensures customer from the Court and Madame Du Craig, who been successful Madame

de Pompadour as patron of arts him. In 1770, she Fragonard four control

panels to brighten the pavilion of Louveciennes themed Progress of

love. They mark the top painter’s career, but a skill reveal that

seems already passed the name to ancient times. Yet couple of artists have

freely searched for to color the image of the personal dream. The

contribution from the theme from the fete galante helped to link art towards the

concept of ​​an escape by itself. While for hundreds of years, the painting was

bent result in images the myths and dogmas from the community, it

grew to become a key to the soul. To get this done, it required before the eighteenth

century, and much more, his encounter using the painting by Watteau.


Jacquemart-André, 158, boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris,

until 21 This summer 2014.


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