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The Arrondissements – places to stay

Visit our map to understand the various arrondissements or districts by number. You’ll be able to decide upon yourself where you need to be. However, wherever you’re in Paris, the Métro or subterranean is easily accessible, simple to use, along with a the best value. All of our apartments is coded with the specific nearest Métro stop. This will help you to pinpoint their whereabouts on the map of Paris. And every one of our apartments come in places that you’ll feel safe, enjoy travelling to local services and also have quick access to some Métro or bus stop.

first Arrondissement

This can be a very convenient location across the Seine-it’s also the place to find the Louvre.

Since you can walk to a lot of famous tourist sights, it’s a extremely popular

location. It’s a vibrant commercial area with small elegant antique

stores, fine restaurants, and delightful social structures. Although

you will find supermarkets around, it feels a little less just like a residential

neighborhood. What it really loses in "neighborhood" appeal, it

comprises for using its very location towards the museums

and river. And you will find many lovely gardens and parks inside an easy

walk: the Tuileries Gardens, Palais Royal park and fountains, Place

Vendôme and much more.

3rd and fourth Arrondissements

Sacr CoeureThe

Marais, the previous marshland of Paris, covers nearly all these

two arrondissements. The earliest district in Paris, it’s gone through

a change recently and it is now typically the most popular choice

for the clients. It’s located and extends in the Hôtel

de Ville across the Seine for the Place en Bastille. Although

there’s a couple of large avenues like the Rue de Rivoli, the Marais

is mainly an area of narrow cobblestoned roads. Most of the

centuries-old structures happen to be remodeled, thus there’s a pleasant

choice of apartments which are recently purchased and freshly renovated.

Many of these structures don’t have elevators, and smaller sized apartments

tend to be more common within this neighborhood: studios and something-bedrooms.

Population diversity may be the rule here having a wonderful mixture of occupants. Area of the Marais used to be that old Jewish quarter and one will discover active synagogues, kosher restaurants and observant Jews travelling to services around the Sabbath. The Marais can also be the place to find a sizable gay population who frequent an array of cafes, restaurants and shops– some across the Ste. Croix en Bretonnerie. However the Marais is mainly a bastion from the upper middle-class family whom you can observe walking using their children understood firmly in hands with the beautiful Place plusieurs Vosges. Within the afternoons, lines form outdoors popular bakeries as children as well as their parents purchase after-school treats.

For vacationers, this can be a wonderful location. Because of the religious good reputation for the area the businesses were typically closed on Saturday. The area compensated by opening shop doorways on Sunday. It’s the among the couple of destinations in Paris for any Sunday grocery shopping. Small designer stores abound here. Every Sunday, the roads are full of Parisians searching for stylish clothing at chic boutiques. The Musée Carnavalet and also the Musée Picasso are generally located here. A stroll with the narrow roads reveals little gated public parks tucked in some places. There’s a sizable choice of food stores, cafés and restaurants all within easy achieve.

The portion of the 3rd and fourth nearer to the Center Pompidou is called the Beaubourg. The Center Pompidou may be the largest modern art museum in Paris. It’s a striking modern building built to reveal its structural elements-the pipes and beams accented in vibrant primary colors. Round the museum is really a large pedestrian-only plaza using the beautiful Stravinsky fountain nearby. This can be a vibrant area with lots of cafés, shops, restaurants and street performers. Came from here, it’s an easy walk over the Seine to Notre Dame and also the left bank.

fifth Arrondissement

This is actually the Latin Quarter, covered with the college students. In the mouth from the Boulevard St. Michel where one can walk across to Notre Dame on Ile en Cité, there’s a rabbit warren of small roads full of a wonderful mixture of new and used bookstores, affordable restaurants, cinemas and clothing shops. Just beyond el born area may be the Sorbonne. This can be a lively area with lots of famous monuments such as the Panthéon and also the Musée de Cluny. Although exciting, this arrondissement can seem to be snappy. Thus our rentals listed here are carefully selected to supply a feeling of retreat. Rue Mouffetard, for instance, is really a charming street having a fine choice of elegant food shops, lovely cafés and well-renovated apartments and townhouses.

sixth Arrondissement


district encompasses several lovely neighborhoods that provide both

fine shopping and stylish residential apartment structures. It’s

lengthy been a destination preferred by Americans. Apartments here frequently

have spacious rooms rich in ceilings, ornate ceiling trim, and enormous

double home windows with wrought iron balustrades. Because this is a place where

Parisians live full-time, rental apartments can often be hard

to locate. Traffic noise could be heard at occasions, because there are primary roads

that bisect the region. St. Germain plusieurs Prés may be the portion that

stretches west in the Blvd. St. Michel for the Musée

d’Orsay. It encompasses the stunning Rue de Rennes, and lots of elegant

shopping roads. Montparnasse may be the other segment from the sixth. With

its many cinemas and enormous famous restaurants, it features a lot

to provide. The Jardin du Luxembourg, is nearby, well suited for jogging or

an open-air picnic. You will find marionette shows and toy boat rentals for children.

seventh Arrondissement


seventh is really a continuation from the sixth with a mixture of government structures

and less large stores. There are lots of significant monuments with

ornate gardens. The Rodin Museum and garden, L’ensemble des Invalides the resting

host to Napoleon and also the Eiffel Tower using its vast esplanade are

all situated in this district. El born area can also be full of elegant

apartment structures and also the shops that provide the residents. It’s

a simple walk towards the Musée d’Orsay after which over the river towards the

Tuilerie Gardens and also the Louvre.

tenth Arrondissement

The tenth district is simply a couple of métro stops northeast from the city’s center. It is the "new" neighborhood in Paris, getting gone through a current gentrification. Just north from the 3rd, the tree-lined riverbanks from the Canal St. Martin would be the signature aesthetic. Recent articles in travel magazines, for example Vacation, all explain the charms of the district. Initially a functional class district, it’s now the house of artists, youthful creative workers and new designers. Point about this is apparent across the banks from the canal where there’s an excellent choice of new cafés and restaurants. The iron footbridges and tresses are still here using the periodic barge passing lower river. This is when Audrey Tatou skipped gemstones across the couch potatoes waters within the charming movie Amélie. The tenth offers renters a genuine neighborhood experience. The district is situated between your Gare de l’Est and also the Place en République.

16th Arrondissement

The 16th district, that is northwest from the center, may be the neighborhood preferred by Parisian families. It’s elegant boulevards, beautiful Haussmannian structures and accessibility large Bois de Boulogne, a popular place to go for walkers, bikers and horseback riders. In the 16th search over the Seine and revel in among the best views from the Eiffel Tower. The roads are full of nannies pushing babies in strollers on sunny afternoons. Every morning, Parisians look for food within the Rue de l’Assomption, a pedestrian only shopping street. From areas of the 16th, it’s a short walk towards the Arc de Triomphe and also the Champs Elysée. And due to the many individuals who live here, all you need for everyday living is when you need it. Restaurants, food stores and clothes shops, too.

18th Arrondissement

Sacr CoeureMontmartre

and Pigalle will be to northern Paris. With Sacré Coeur and it is beautiful

dome, this neighborhood will invariably attract attention. I immediately

envision pictures of Toulouse Lautrec relaxing in a café imaging his

next great thing of beauty. The Moulin-Rouge is situated here, Paris’ historic

site of flamboyant merrymaking. Although buses still bring vacationers

to determine the performances in the dancehalls and also the periodic peep

shop still exists along Blvd. Clichy, Montmartre has altered quite

a little. It is now the place to find Paris’ youthful and rising. With winding

narrow roads, little houses with gardens, small parks along with a vibrant

artistic existence. The Area du Tertre is really a charming park towards the top of

the hill. On Rue plusieurs Abesses, there’s a great choice of food

shops, clothes shops, cafés and restaurants. Sunny afternoons find

pavement cafes full of youthful singles and families having a quick

drink. On Rue L’Epic, the road is stuffed with food stores displaying

an excellent variety of produce and eager food.


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