Paris vacation holiday apartment rentals, temporary flat rentals

Paris vacation holiday apartment rentals, temporary flat rentals our highlights were the Rue

Renter Comments

Apartment 82:

The apartment was perfectly located and exceeded our expectations when it comes to what we should saw whenever we booked it on the internet. We loved the place and our highlights were the Rue Mouffetard market lower the street – where you could buy the most wonderful fresh produce! we would like to return and remain within the apartment later on.

Apartment 2:

Good view, comfortable apartment in a great cost. A calming place following a day’s sightseeing

Apartment 97:

I remained here my last visit. Of course, everything was wonderful. Excellent location, near to Metro & bus, shopping, cafes. Quiet apt. off courtyard. Perfectly hired.

Paris vacation holiday apartment rentals, temporary flat rentals Excellent location, near to MetroApartment 77:

I certainly experienced my money’s worth. Location, quiet courtyard and decently outfitted apartment. I especially appreciate its quietness. The actual star however, may be the neighbourhood. The Temple Park part of the Marais District is definitely an absolute jewel with great parks, cafes, shops and markets. And very few vacationers, unlike other neighbourhoods!

Apartment 285:

I was happy using the apartment and Jean Michel was prompt and welcoming on arrival. He visited exceptional lengths to assist us with private parking for the motorbike to make certain i was not cheated. The apartment itself was very neat and presentable with it’s own cosy atmosphere


5 Steps to Short Term Vacation Rental Investing


MisteMiner: Do your creative real estate techniques work as well for buying vacation rental properties?

Doug Knight: I paused my conspiracy theory videos to watch this…

Jenny Black: thank you Phil. how to avoid overbooking the same room or flat, because you listed it on 3-4 different websites like homeaway, and tourists booked the same room for the same period, on 3 of the websites let's say.\n\nthank you very much

Jon Crosby: I have been using Evolve for almost 2 years now, they do a fantastic job and well worth the 10% (12.5% if you count payment processing) as they cater to the guest all the way to check in! And now, they come with a free $1M umbrella with all bookings! Op Ex Ratio is the game changer when it comes to VR investments I have found. Shopping around for the best price for line items you can control (pool service, housekeeping, internet, etc) greatly helps your ROI. Also, use Mint to categorize your expenses (free and a must for tax time) and the biggest tip of all….spend the money on professional pictures!! They make all the difference in the world!

Yours Truly: Thanks Phil this was helpful. Do you have any recommendations of the best places to invest in?

DeeJay Moreno: thx Phil for this..u rock!! very helpful..working on a nyc shared unit for airbnb but I never knew of the other rental sites or the additional time saving services. You are very resourceful. \n\nThanks again,\n\nDJM

jostadso: Thank you for this information. It's awesome you mentioned Evolve because I am planning to list my condo on Airbnb on my own and do it all myself. I came across Evolve, considered them but wasn't sure if it was too good to be true so I was skeptical calling them. I am very new to real estate investing so I'm on here learning as much as possible. I saw your video in its entirety, which is rare with a lot of Youtube videos of people rambling on, and I end up losing interest. Your video is very well put together, edited and you kept my interest by getting to the point and delivering an informative, useful and interesting presentation. The information you provided is extremely helpful and now I will certainly call Evolve, but first I need to add more furnishings and a few more towels for my unit.

Scott Hall: Thank you for all of the great information. Is it possible to set up any of these accounts on the various websites you've mentioned, if you don't yet own the property? I like to get ahead of the game and want to hit the ground running as soon as the property is closed on. Thank you!

nylotus: I made a killing on my apartment in DC. Almost 4 times what I was paying monthly. Because of that I'm keen on investing in a home to do this full-time.

Ben Himel: I'm considering using my SFR owner occupied for 6 years into a vacation rental for the next year or two. Will that affect me the same with the IRS as renting it out long term? Will my property turn into a rental and I'll have to pay CG taxes on my equity?