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Much traffic to Paris desire to rent their very own apartments for various reasons, from wanting to save cash, to “living just like a local.” Within the last few years, Air BnB (began in 2008) and other alike rentals have sprang up, creating a big splash within the Paris rental market. If you are searching to rent a property you will find now scores of web sites and firms that rent in most prices ranges, from the space on the sofa, to some chic loft within the Marais. But even though many proprietors will rent a brief-term vacation apartment from your agency, probably the most economical way in which to stay Paris is to locate a condo that’s for rental by owner. (FRBO).

Apart from being less-costly than the usual hotel, an advantage of renting a condo is you can spend less-time by skipping hotel breakfasts and obtain your personal freshly-baked discomfort au chocolat from that charming little pastry shop around the corner.

However that there’s no concierge or desk clerk. And perhaps, owners may cancel in the last second, departing you stranded for accommodations – which might be a condition in high tourist season. Make sure to ask all pertinent questions and advance and browse reviews, although individuals are occasionally curated by rental websites: I remember when i left one which was honest a good apartment rental that was lukewarm in the most broadly noted for rent by owner website . (But pointed out how nice who owns the apartment was.) It had been deleted in the site, and just very reviews that are positive continued to be printed for your listing. Hmmm…

Listed here are a couple of other activities to understand about renting a condo in Paris:

-If you are searching for any desk clerk or house cleaning service inside a rental-by-owner apartment, there usually isn’t anybody to for museum hrs, transport, calling a cab, restaurant reservations, of if there is a problem. Some private hosts can give suggestions and become useful. Others may have you choose up a vital in a nearby business, and you’ll never meet them. In almost any situation, always ask should they have someone you are able to get in touch with situation of the emergency. Dealing with a reliable apartment rental agency (a couple of are highlighted below) can mitigate individuals problems.

-Luggage storage can be a problem. Unlike expensive hotels, should you arrive early, you’ll need to awesome your heels together with your bags before the apartment is prepared. Seasoned travels frequently rent the apartment yesterday arriving, if it is early, so that they don’t lose valuable vacation time waiting in the pub or perhaps in a café. You may want to leave the apartment lengthy before your flight home and in contrast to expensive hotels, there’s nowhere to keep luggage. (The majority of the train stations have luggage storage, or use a service like City Locker.)

-The owner’s stuff might be there if you are renting a condo from the owner. You are very likely some clean sheets, in addition to towels. Always inquire about linens. I’ve remained in places in France that require that you take the own linens. Don’t always expect fluffy stacks of high thread-count, brand-new linens or spacious, empty closets with a lot of space.

-With any apartment, you’ll pay reasonably limited for location. Apartments within the Marais or Left Bank could be more costly than other neighborhoods. Similarly, space is efficacious in Paris, too. A studio is going to be far under a one or two-bed room apartment. Consider the length of time you’ll be spending inside your apartment which tiny—and less-expensive—studio will most likely be all right if there’s just a few individuals.

The very first 9 arrondissements are seen as the recommended by visitors (frequently known as the “single digit” arrondissements, however, there are wonderful places in other locations, too. Areas of the tenth, eleventh, along with other neighborhoods should not be overlooked. The majority of the popular (ie: trendy) restaurants have been in the ninth, tenth and eleventh. Paris is really a relatively safe city but like the majority of other metropolitan areas, you will find areas that you simply must take safeguards in. (Train stations are appealing to pickpockets, particularly the dicey Gare du Nord.) Avoid places that you’ll feel uncomfortable, especially around the outer reaches from the métro lines. Taxis could be scarce in Paris, especially late into the evening. Visitors may want to download the Uber application and employ that. A cafe or restaurant any place in Paris would gladly call a cab for you personally too.

-Many rentals marketed might be by owners who aren’t legally titled to book their apartments. Bear in mind that they’re going to not have access to insurance to pay for occasions, for example personal and accident coverage. Check prior to going, particularly if you have homeowner’s insurance to determine repairs are covered whenever you travel.

-Other activities to ask about: what floor may be the apartment on, can there be a lift, what’s the neighborhood like, would be the proprietors smokers, do you need any food in the kitchen area, what are the pets or plants, will the building possess a guardienne who keeps track of things, is there a washer/dryer (couple of apartments in Paris have dryers, so it isn’t common to not have one), and get when they will leave any instructions for operating the appliances as European machines work differently than their American counterparts. Make sure to obtain the Wireless code too.

-Inquire about a burglar deposit and just how the rent is going to be compensated, along with the period of time prior to the deposit is came back. Regardless of what a few of the travel sites are suggesting, couple of in Paris are curious about giving someone an offer who would like to pay in dollars.

-Do inquire if there’s a cleaning fee and if you are accountable for utilities. It isn’t uncommon for renters to pay for individuals charges.

-Respect the owner’s possessions. Don’t snoop, and when you break something, leave an email and provide payment. If you’re in a residential building, respect the neighbors and noise to a great minimum, particularly in common areas, like stairways and hallways. Bear in mind that individuals reside in another apartments and therefore are most likely proprietors, and wish their tranquility. Paris apartments aren’t well insulated and seem travels.

-Make certain to obtain explicit instructions and directions in the owner concerning the apartment. A multitude of locations in Paris have door codes, numbered elevators, and just what-have-you, which may be confusing if you are jet-lagged and unaccustomed to Parisian apartment structures. Print them out and produce all of them with you combined with the telephone number. Don’t store them in your phone only, because the battery may die or perhaps your web connection could be spotty.

-Always be careful delivering money to other people ahead of time and request references that you could telephone (not email) so that you can confirm, to avert being scammed. Never send money by telegram or Western Union, or places in which you can’t verify the dog owner or obtain a refund unless of course you’re 110% certain of the recipient. A few of the B&B websites have online reviews or verify proprietors, for the next way of measuring assurance.

-Should you choose rent an aura BnB or similar apartment arrangement, remember that the town of Paris is cracking lower on individuals kind of rental plans, to some extent. Some people do not have any problems, it’s better to be discreet and sincere of neighbors and also the neighborhood, to prevent problems.

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Paris Apartment Rental Tips & Links

They are links to websites that are generally non-commercial or offer interesting other options to a usual apartment rental sites. As pointed out above, apartments rented from non-commercial agencies might not have appropriate insurance which traditional agencies might offer and something should accept any risks connected with this. A few of these sites offer swapping plans.

Air BnB

Apartments and rooms for rental privately apartments.


European rental-by-owner site.


Rooms and apartments for rental.


And old favorite among Paris expats for apartments, for lengthy or temporary.

Craigslist Paris

Check under “Housing” and “Sublets” for brief-term rentals. (Be familiar with scams and delivering money to other people through Craigslist.)

Haven in Paris

Luxurious rentals would be the niche of this highly respected boutique agency.


Among the largest sources in France for lengthy-term rentals. (Site in French and British.)


Temporary apartment rental site, by TripAdvisor.

Paris Bed & Breakfast Network

As it would seem, Paris’ bed and breakfast network.

Bed & Breakfast Paris

Another B & B network.

Paris Perfect

Upscale Paris apartment rentals.

Home Exchange

Provides the possible ways to perform a home exchange.


Description of Paris neighborhood and also the attractions within each.

Strategies of Paris

Sound advice and links for renting a condo in Paris, including details about apartment rental scams.

Paris Marais

Some unusual apartments for rental within the historic Marais.

Holiday Rentals By Owner (VRBO)

Apartment rentals from proprietors in Paris.

Couch Surfing

Worldwide network for travelers wanting to network and prepared to crash on someone’s sofa.

Protector Home Exchange

United kingdom-based home exchange program.

Paris Apartment Info

Mix-reference report on commercial rental apartment companies in Paris.

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