Ask professionals: foreign translations from the books beyond little house

Ask professionals: foreign translations from the books beyond little house but simply individual books

Dear Beyond Little House:

Like a lengthy-time lover from the books AND somebody that has an interest in other languages, I will always be intrigued through the many converted versions, but have experienced little luck finding them. Some years back I could locate and buy the majority of the series the german language, a couple of in Hebrew and something in French. Could they be still in publicationsOraccessible in almost any other languages? Any tips about how to locate them (ideally without having to spend a leg along with a leg or visiting Europe to scour the bookstores)? I’m particularly thinking about Slavic languages and Italian.


Naomi Pardue


Dear Naomi:

I’ve put together a summary of thirty-seven languages and ‘languages’ by which a minumum of one from the books made an appearance. Sometimes it normally won’t translate the whole series, but simply individual books. Some languages for example Spanish and French can easily be bought from places for example Amazon ., however, many were limited runs and today are from print. I troll Ebay of these, to include these to my list. I can say for certain without a doubt that Mansfield and De Smet have previously offered a piece of books within the various languages within their gift shops. They don’t list them in the web based stores usually, however if you simply call and speak with someone working there, they’d most likely have the ability to let you know the things they presently offer along with the prices. I purchased a Japanese edition the final time I had been in De Smet, that was about 2 yrs ago. It’s been considerably longer since I’ve visited Mansfield, however the gift shop was providing them in those days. I don’t know concerning the other gift shops.

Ask professionals: foreign translations from the books beyond little house series the german language

Sarah S. Uthoff




How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity


Hank Han: Principles:\n#1: Focus on language content that is relevant to you.\n#2: Use your New Language as a Tool to Communicate… from Day 1.\n#3: When you first UNDERSTAND the MESSAGE, you will acquire the language unconciously. \n#4: Physiological Training is escence!\n#5: Psycho-physiological STATE Matters!\n\n7 Actions for Rapid Language Acquisition:\n#1: Listen A LOT!\n#2: Focus on getting the meaning FIRST!\n#3: Start Mixing.\n#4: Focus on the Core.\n#5: Get a Language Parent.\n#6: Copy the Face.\n#7: Direct Connect to Mental Images.\n\nNone made summary here, hope it will be helpful.\nAlso minute 7:00 is where he starts on topic.(谢谢@MsChinBKMXMB99的帮助 😉 )\nThis video was shot in LingNan University(岭南大学) in China, Hong Kong.\nI am learning Russian now! And I have so many likes here, you guys awesome! Keep learning and talking in another language.

Margarita Kamela: Hank Han Thank you very much

El Jardín Interior: Hank Han very much appreciated!

Michael Harto: how to learn any language faster than 6 months: get a native girlfriend.

GOLDSK96: I learned 1000 words in German in 3 months, but since I'm a perfectionist I've struggled to speak, because I'm scared it won't be perferct. This video inspired me to JUST DO IT. "It Doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to work!"

XLightChanX: GOLDSK96 ich hoffe du wirst noch viel spaß mit der sprache haben (: i'm also always afraid of making mistakes and sounding stupid, i don't even know why

caesar bala: How many people are here want to learn Japanese in mind and watching this video ?

Почемучка: For people learning Japanese to understand anime, be aware that most of what you learn from textbooks won't be all that helpful for anime. Most learning sources teach you polite Japanese whereas anime uses casual Japanese a lot. The grammar is different; specifically conjugation. If the only reason you're learning is for anime, start out with sources like Tae Kim's Guide, since it teaches casual language concepts first.

Jane Silva: I speak and write English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Catalan. Except for Dutch, wich I learned in 7 months, I never went to school to learn any of the other languages. First thing you need to have in mind is: "If any other person in the world, native or not, can speak this or that language, I can do it too." People call it determination.

Daniel Wattson: how did you learn them? Did you go to those countries? or just videos on youtube?