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Favourite French Learning Resources


twinsocks: Ah, you didn't make a list with links…

Andy Roberts: For listening practice, I like the YT channel "Francais Authentique" because it's slowly-spoken and easy to understand at the intermediate level (plus Johan gives language-learning tips). Also, the classic video series "French in Action" (free for streaming in the US at but not available elsewhere because of licensing limitations) teaches French entirely in French from Day 1, and that improves listening skills, too.

le sigh: I love the Practice Makes Perfect series for French too. All of the books are so good.

Hannah Staigvil: RIP Duolingo translating section. you will be missed 😭😭😭

Polyglot Progress: RIP \nI'm so sad they got rid of it 🙁 \n-Abigail