Children’s bilingual books & audiobooks, language, dual language books, bilingual toys- language lizard

Children's bilingual books & audiobooks, language, dual language books, bilingual toys- language lizard Dental vocabulary skills are

Language Lizard offers bilingual books, multicultural books and dual language audiobooks for children and British foreign language learners (ELL) of every age group. Make certain carefully with schools and libraries to supply the very best books for preschool, school and elementary foreign language learners. School and adult British like a Second Language (ESL) students also employ our bilingual tales (for example individuals within our popular World Folktales and Fables collection) to enhance their studying and listening skills. Parents of very youthful children benefit from the bilingual board books and straightforward bilingual tales to assist educate another language to very young children inside a fun and interesting way. Our books are dual-language picture books with British and also the language (second language) around the page. We offer multilingual posters which help educators produce a welcoming atmosphere in diverse classrooms.

Additionally, we provide unique interactive bilingual audiobooks and book sets which use the Mantra Lingua

PENpal Audio Recorder Pen to show regular bilingual books into

Children's bilingual books & audiobooks, language, dual language books, bilingual toys- language lizard languages, storyaudiobooks. This revolutionary "speaking pen" supports studying, writing, speaking and listening for ELL students and language learners. Dental vocabulary skills are further enhanced with recordable labels, which permit teachers to personalize instruction to meet the requirements of the diverse student populations.

Searching and ordering on our website is straightforward. Searching by language, age or product type while using list around the left side in our site (note: click the white-colored box on top-left if you’re on the cell phone, iPad or small screen). Should you click "Spanish", there is also a robust choice of Spanish children’s books, Spanish audiobooks, Spanish British Bilingual Book sets for children, an highlighted British Spanish dictionary in addition to multilingual posters and teaching cards which include Spanish, British along with other languages. Similarly, you are able to click "Arabic" and discover Arabic children’s books, Arabic audiobooks, Arabic British book sets, an British Arabic dictionary and much more. Should you click "Chinese", you’ll find Chinese children’s books, bilingual dictionaries, Chinese audiobooks that may be heard in Cantonese or Mandarin, etc.

So regardless if you are searching for bilingual children’s books in additional generally trained languages for example French, German, Italian and Japanese, or bilingual books for children in less generally trained languages for example Hindi, Nepali, Russian and Somali, you’ll find it easily on the online book shop. On the product pages you’ll find full descriptions, a range of languages, story videos of most of the bilingual titles, and video descriptions in our interactive bilingual audiobook sets. Also, make sure to take a look at our free sources page, join receive our e-newsletter and free multicultural lesson plans, and browse about any special promotions or giveaways on the "Discounts and Promotions" page.

If you want help making product selections, don’t hesitate to make contact with us. Educators that desire to save your time ordering may request the expertise of our free Personal Shoppers who are able to convey a "pre-order" (or quote). These quotes could be incorporated on official school or library purchase orders.


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