Language bookstores in chicago: a closer inspection in a couple of more

In October, I shared my woeful tale of requiring to locate a new language-book purveyor in Chicago following a closing of Europa Books in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. At that time, I attempted to find and explore other old and new choices for me and my fellow language book shop fans. Since that time, I have examined a couple of new bookstores, found about some local importers/warehouses, and discovered a great French language book website. Here's everything I discovered:

1) Chicago Bookstores:

City Lit Books

City Lit Books

City Lit Books

City Lit Books lately opened up it doorways in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. The individually owned book shop is really a spot for individuals who love books – and the other good excuse to look at all of the new choices within this "hot" neighborhood. But, there isn't a great deal to browse within the language book front.For adults, you will find a couple of class textbooks and workbooks. While there isn't any foreign-language books for kids, City Lit Books comes with shelves focused on "culture" and "people & religion" within their big children's section. I additionally loved their display of city-focused books for kids – like "Eloise in Paris" by Kay Thompson and "This really is New You are able to" and "This really is Paris" by M. Sasek – which i saw on my small newest visit.

Update: During my newest visit to City Lit, I observed an enormous section focused on Spanish-language books. It'd several shelves with books for children and grown ups, too. I had been very impressed!

City Lit Books is situated at 2523 N. Kedzie Blvd., Chicago, IL 60647.


Powell's Book shop on 57th Street

Powell's Book shop on 57th Street
Powell's Book shop is situated in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood right in the middle of the College of Chicago campus. It stocks an excellent choice of used and new academic titles, books and literature books – really covering any subject imaginable. While you will find limited language titles for kids, the book shop includes a wide variety of French, Spanish and German language books for adults within the basement. Just be ready to search through plenty of choices.

Powell's Book shop on 57th Street is situated at 1570 E. 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637.


Open Books


Open Books

Open Books
Open Books is really a nonprofit social venture that promotes literacy along with a book shop in Chicago's River North neighborhood – all folded into one. Its store holds greater than 50,000 donated books and it has been known as "the most amazing book shop in Chicago." It is actually a welcoming place that you should browse their endless shelves of used books and choose something on your own and also the fellow book enthusiasts inside your family. Open Books includes a great choice of used children's books, together with a couple of shelves with mostly French and Spanish language books. Since Open Books will get its books through donations, its selection can greatly change from once to another. But, I have usually had best of luck locating a couple of educational and entertaining language books on every of my appointments with the shop.

Open Books is situated at 213 W. Institute Place, Chicago, IL 60610.

2) Local Importers/Warehouses:
Included in my look for my new "Europa," I discovered in regards to a couple of warehouse choices for Chicagoans also to take a look at for an array of language books. While both warehouses provide you with the chance in the future in and "browse" the accessible books, the best choice is most likely to go surfing, take a look at their books, after which get them organized to be delivered to your house or selected up free of charge at either location. Should you choose decide to venture to either location, be ready to pass address alone as neither warehouse comes with an exterior sign visible in the street.

Here are a few additional information:

Adler's Foreign Books
Adler's Foreign Books is definitely an importer and distributor of foreign books within the U.S. It supplies titles in French, Spanish, Germ and Italian and mainly carries textbooks, novels, anthologies, and dictionaries. It has a limited quantity of children's language books. You can search their selection online at

Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Schoenhof's Foreign Books may be the parent company from the now-closed Europa Books. It provides a comprehensive choice of French, German, Italian and Language titles. It operates a fulfillment center in Skokie at 8124 N. Ridgeway Avenue. You are invited to use and study their available titles. Should you head out this way, make sure to pass the address within this industrial stretch of Skokie concerning is not a Schoenhof's sign on the outside of from the building. Searching their selection online at

3) Online French Language Book Resource
For Chicagoans thinking about French language books, you ought to be certain to also take a look at Chicago-based Lectures de France, a web-based supplier of books, language magazines along with other products in French for kids, teens and adults. Lectures de France provides more than 1,200 titles with brand new ones added every month.

Like Adler's and Schoenhof's, Lectures de France provides you with the chance to buy your books on the internet and then get them totally free in their Chicago office found at 1230 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 202. For pre-compensated orders, Lectures de France will contact you when your order gets to their whereabouts to plan a pick-up time. Their pick-up hrs are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to two p.m. You can go to the website at

And also the Language Book shop Search Continues… 
So, with all of that stated, I've still yet to locate a substitute for that old Europa Books. But, for the time being, I am happy to check out the books at stores like City Lit and Open Books, and that i feel great to understand that Lectures de France is a superb, local source of French books. And, I have a reason to help keep around the search…

Are you currently to those language bookstores or purchased in the online stores? If that's the case, how was your experience? Have you ever found every other favorite language bookstores in chicago? Please share your ideas and suggestions within the comments below.

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