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Nouveaux chemins means “new pathways.” Going for a “new path” to understand an overseas language broadens your teen’s scope around the globe and increases his effectiveness because he gains additional skills and new perspectives. Your child is going to be trained to talk, understand, read, and write fundamental French in keeping situations. The emphasis is on communicating orally by having an excellent accent and reasonable grammatical precision. The learn-commit to memory-practice-apply method helps your child master content utilizing a logical, systematic progression. Having a concentrate on French ministry, this 2-volume set (one text for every semester) has got the benefit of high-quality instruction and exercise from the Christian perspective. Use using the Teacher Guide, Vocabulary Manual, and Dental Mastery Exercises (offered individually) for optimum effectiveness. Grades 9–12.

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· Cultural readings. Abundant photos and cultural readings add fascinating information to assist a foreign language learner’s knowledge of in france they mindset.


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