French mamma — favorite books for learning french and improving studying comprehension

Through the years, I’ve purchased numerous books to learn French. I did previously visit the book shop Barnes & Noble to unwind and every time I had been there, I’d feel guilty because of not getting a French book to review. And So I would go on and purchase another book. I’d a significant library of learning French books in your own home before getting to market everything after i gone to live in Montreal (before relocating to France).

From the books which i have attempted, my top picks are French Made Simple, Complete French Grammar and French Tales.

Overall Learn how to Speak French Book

French Made Simple is most likely my all-time favorite. It breaks lower grammar basically that i can understand. Additionally, it provides examples and sentences with vocabulary which are really helpful in my experience. Rather of finding out how to state that your neighbor includes a beautiful elephant, you can study words that you’d really use within France. A few of the conversations are entertaining, so you aren’t bored and distracted throughout the training.

I’d a fundamental knowledge of French after i purchased this book. I wouldn’t recommend it for absolute beginners, only advanced beginners and intermediate-level loudspeakers. I got myself it when I had been living in Florida to understand French after which got it again here to renew around the basics and exercise. Basically might have known I would reside in France, I wouldn’t have offered it in Montreal.

French Grammar Book

My personal favorite book for learning or improving French grammar is Practicing To Achieve Perfection: Complete French Grammar. It’s the very indepth book that I’ve discovered on verbs, pronouns and adverbs. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level loudspeakers and gives you a much better foundation in grammar than the usual typical learn how to speak French book can perform alone.

This really is another book which i wound up buying two times, however the second time I downloaded it on my small Kindle. Finally, before using it in my Kindle, If only I’d have recently purchased the standard book. It’s harder to navigate and skip around. From pride, I won’t purchase it another time.

Practice French Studying and Comprehension

French Tales was my most fun book for learning French. I’m very enticed to purchase it again, and most likely will since it is so cheap. Things I love most about this is around the left side from the page may be the French text and also the right side may be the British. I’d browse the French text first, even when it had been like Latin in my experience and then try to comprehend it. I Then would browse the British version and re-browse the French version. When there were words which i was stuck on, I’d produce a flashcard that i can practice later.

This book is most likely only enjoyable for those who benefit from the classics and are curious about studying classic French books. You will find 10 short tales by authors for example Voltaire, Balzac and Gide.

What is the book you’d recommend to other people for learning French? Tell us by departing a remark below. I would like to understand what labored for you personally.


Books I'm using to learn French


Doney Hon: Reading "Le Petit Prince" is not what will help you the most to learn french. It's a very simple book (I would say boring), despised by the french writers, but if you want to read something useful you should go for something more colloquial like "Les vacances du petit Nicolas" (a book for children very amusing to read for an adult). Why? Because "Le Petit Prince" is not a book that will help you to get a lot more colloquial vocabulary (and colloquial structures) and it will not help you to speak a high level of french as well. Plus, reading a french book is not something that I would recommand to a french learner. I would recommand you to do like we french do: learning french poems (from Jean de La Fontaine for instance) with french pronunciations by heart. With translation you will be able to considerably increase your level of french if you repeat this exercise every single day for a month. In France, we learn to speak a proper french with poems from the age of 6 to the age of 14. A friend of mine in NYC did it with MP3 that I sent to him, it worked fine.

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Fernando Mir: Shut up already. Le Petit Prince rocks!! Also, no one learns a language starting with poems, are you insane? AAAAANNNND a 6 year old kid is already very fluent, don't you think?

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HashBox: I'm moved to France last year. I can speak French (but not fluently ).

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