Studying these 7 books could make you an expert in french culture

Knowing and understanding French culture mandates that spent significant amount of time in France or that you simply communicate with French people regularly. Fortunately, some books will give you incredible understanding of in france they mindset. Here are the type you have to read if you wish to work out how we believe.

The Flowers of Evil, Charles Baudelaire (1857)cover_200

Showcasing the romantic side of French culture.

What Sturdy:

An accumulation of poems about love, nostalgia, sex, dying and decay.

Options To Consider:

• While not a poet, Baudelaire has inspired many supporters

• It is among the most accomplished work from the ‘Symbolist’ movement.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• We’re ‘lovers’ in mind: French people could possibly get cheesy effortlessly, including by writing poems or performing love songs for their beloved. Blame the truth that we develop studying lots of verses and romantic novels.

• Our artistic mindset: The Flowers of Evil is well known because of its impeccable style and it is bold concept alike: showing how beauty and love can transcend ugliness, dying and evil.

• Our obsession for sex: yes, that’s there.

The Dictionary from the French Academy

Understanding the truth that in france they are very proud and protective with regards to their language.

What Sturdy:

Words, words, words – the only real ones worth using.

Options To Consider:

• The Académie française is France’s official authority around the usages, vocabulary, and grammar of french.

• ‘Immortals’ (the way we call the ‘Académiciens’) not rush before they choose to include words within their Dictionary. They publish it very infrequently, every 3 decades typically!

• The ninth edition is originating soon, but realize that Immortals not rush: writing started in 1986 plus they remained as focusing on the letter ‘R’ this past year.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our obsession for rules: French people prefer to make certain that everything matches the best box, out on another prefer to budge an excessive amount of from this.

• Our elitist culture: the Academy essentially invented a Dictionary simply because they didn’t believe that commercial Dictionary publishers will include modern words. Words lent from British are a particularly good target.

• Our potential to deal with change: especially with regards to language.

The Culinary Guide, George Auguste Escoffier (1901)


The main one book to see if you wish to stand out at French cooking.

What Sturdy:

Sauces, entremets, stews, soups along with other delicate bites of deliciousness.

Options To Consider:

Escoffier was the chef who popularized and updated traditional French cooking methods. His name essentially means ‘God’ in culinary circles.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our need to codify everything: French cooking is about rules and methods.

• Our passion for (good) food: no explanations needed.

• Our understanding of our roots: French individuals are history buffs- we love to to understand where things originate from. From etymology to classics to studying the ‘sources’, we always choose to browse the original than its interpretation.

Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert (1856)

No novel depicts more precisely the concerns and lifestyles from the bourgeoisie than Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.

What It’s About:

The storyline portrays an unfaithful social climber living beyond her means within the conservative countryside and her mediocre husband – nothing shocking there (it’s France!), otherwise for that precise, realist style utilized by its author.

Options To Consider:

Flaubert was called prior to the Court on obscenity charges, on the floor that his novel challenged public mores, blasphemed from the Church, and incorporated provocative images intermingled with religious matters.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our appreciation for exceptional literature: it is renowned for its impeccable, precise style as well as for epitomizing the ‘realist’ movement.

• Our interest for scandals: only individuals intellectual anyway – Madame Bovary’s trial concerns the literary world. French people don’t concern themselves with low-brow dramas.

• Our unlikelihood to become shocked by sex: it, containing very graphic sexual descriptions, is trained to junior high school students. Unlike the U.S., no French parent has ever even considered filing a complaint from the school because our studying list was too racy.

Justine or even the Misfortunes of Virtue, Marquis de Sade (1791)


Exactly why in france they can’t take 50 Shades of Gray seriously.

What Sturdy:

Justine informs the storyline of the virtuous teenage maid whose sweetness and moral values lead her further and additional into vice. The novel is known for its graphic violent sex scenes, including rapes, orgies and sexual humiliation.

Options To Consider:

• Sade essentially invented ‘S&M’ in literature: the person gave his name to sadism, for screaming loud!

• Sade didn’t just talk the talk: an aristocrat, he accepted the libertine lifestyle towards the maximum

• He authored the majority of his novels imprisonment and spent 32 years within an insane asylum

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Why our degree of tolerance for sex and pornography is really high: like Madame Bovary, Sade’s books they fit at the disposal of children very early – we consider them ‘Classics’. They’re read and studied in French high schools too.

• Our vivid sexual imagination: French individuals are quite creative within the bed room and therefore are elevated believing that sex could be fun and delightful.

• The significance of libertinage in France: it’s existed for hundreds of years, but still going strong today. There are approximately 400,000 libertines in France as well as their lifestyles fascinate common people. A glance at DSK’s trial is quite telling in this way.

Getting Up Bébé, Paula Druckerman (2012)

Things French parents fare better.

What Sturdy:

This contemporary, funny essay investigates French parenting – and why there’s not this type of factor like a ‘King Child’ in France.

Options To Consider:

It was compiled by a united states expat who spent 11 years in France.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our insufficient tolerance for spoiled brats: you’ll never see kids playing around inside a store or tossing food inside a restaurant in France.

• Our firm method of parenting: French parents think that children need limitations – and hang them in early stages. The outcomes? Polite, sincere kids who greet their neighbors and pay attention to their parents.

Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier (1969)


Focusing on how in france they fill time: learning anecdotes without any real-existence purpose.

What Sturdy:

An accumulation of articles about such symbols as crosses, allegories, the demon etc,…

Options To Consider:

• It is really extensively recorded and fascinating (however, I’m French…)

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our concentrate on ‘ideas’ instead of execution: in france they respect well-read individuals who can fill a discussion with pointless anecdotes.

• Our encyclopedic mindset: there exists a severe obsession for little details and details.

Histoire Vagabonde, Maurice Agulhon (1985)

Hearing aid technology origins of day-to-day Republican myths and emblems.

What Sturdy:

An accumulation of essays about how exactly the Republican ideology has had hold in France but still manifests itself.

Options To Consider:

• The writer knows what he’s speaking about: Maurice Agulhon was probably the most well-respected historians in France before he died this past year.

What It Really Informs About French Culture:

• Our need to debunk generally recognized ideas: for all of us, which means understanding how as well as for which reasons they originated.

• We’re a nation of readers: three volumes of Histoire Vagabonde so we still can’t get enough!


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