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What exactly are a couple of good books to see when learning french? - quora And Gaston Leroux has
Hey! Congratulations on attempting to read French literature!

Regrettably, I believe the best sci-fi and mystery authors are British-loudspeakers. But we all do possess some nutrients though. Within the "mystery" area I’d straight-up recommend Le Mystère en Chambre Jaune by Gaston Leroux. It is really an intense, really amazing mystery novel. Its follow up, Le Parfum en Dame en Noir, can also be very enjoyable. And Gaston Leroux has written much more that’s worth studying, including other novels starring Rouletabille, the primary character from Le Mystère en Chambre Jaune, and also the Chéri-Bibi series. Still within the "mystery" section, the Arsène Lupin series really created a mark on me. The writer, Maurice Leblanc, has written a particular quantity of them. You should attempt and try them out.

Since we are completed with the mystery part, allow me to solve for the finest of French literature. Within my humble opinion, our 1800s authors are among the very best that ever walked our planet.
Within the novel section, some authors invented the "roman d’initiation" genre, in which a youthful man learns the clear way of existence. Incredible works of the genre are Bel Ami, from Maupassant, Le Père Goriot, from Balzac, Le Rouge et le Noir and La Chartreuse de Parme, from Stendhal, Germinal (novel), from Zola. Bel-Ami may be the easiest to see but all are really incredible gems. Also read some Flaubert with Madame Bovary.
Speaking about Zola, who gave its new intending to the term "Intellectual", I truly recommend studying as numerous books in the L’ensemble des Rougon-Macquart series as possible. Emile Zola desired to conduct a social experiment by writing the storyline of a complete family, by attempting to surface these tales the results of madness and alcoholism on people. He authored 20 of those novels, the very best ones for me are Nana, L’Assommoir, La Bête Humaine and Au Bonheur plusieurs Dames.
Their list would not be complete with no unforgettable Victor Hugo. Lately, L’ensemble des Misérables was very poorly adapted on the watch’s screen, you can test (however this requires lots of courage as it is 2000 pages) to see it. But Notre-Dame de Paris, the storyline from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, is very readable as well as really awesome.
To mystery. Maupassant, whom I reported earlier, authored some incredible short tales which are ready inside a fantastical and uncanny atmosphere. Just Google "Contes fantastiques de Maupassant" to locate a collection of the greatest of those.
Finally, my personal favorite author, who I’ll speak again inside a bit, authored some excellent short tales and an excellent novel. I am speaking about Alfred de Musset and the Confession d’un Enfant du Siècle and the Nouvelles.

The 1800s in France seemed to be a question for theater. I’m not sure that which you consider studying plays however if you simply don’t mind after that it you’ll certainly have the very best of occasions relishing yourself using the works of Alfred de Musset, most particularly On Ne Badine Pas Avec l’Amour, L’ensemble des Caprices de Marianne, Lorenzaccio and Il Ne Faut Jurer De Rien. Victor Hugo also created incredible works, for example Ruy-Blas and Hernani. Which list wouldn’t be complete with no timeless Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.

You have a pleasant list here! With this you’ll come with an incredibly solid culture of French literature! You could include the whole shebang of Alexandre Dumas, with L’ensemble des Trois Mousquetaires and Le Comte de Monte Cristo.

Finally, I’ll conclude this answer using the works of Laurent Gaudé. This really is contemporary French literature, and Mr. Gaudé is an extremely good novelist. Le Soleil plusieurs Scorta, La Mort du Return on investment Tsongor and La Porte plusieurs Enfers are excellent reads.

Thank you for studying this answer, and revel in your diving into French literature. I am sure you will not be sorry.

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