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France tours & travel neoclassical architecture and compensate

1. Notre Dame

This legendary Medieval-style cathedral is really a true Parisian great. If you feel the outdoors is impressive, hold back until you receive inside to determine the astounding organ and stunning stained-glass home windows.

2. The Louvre

Housing a few of the world’s most well-known and valuable art, the Louvre Museum is really a Parisian icon on its own. In addition to the artistic masterpieces held within, the initial mixture of new and old architecture – capped off through the much-photographed glass pyramid – helps make the Louvre a landmark to not be missed.

3. Palace of Versailles

Elaborate galleries, opulent furnishings, gold-presented works of art and manicured gardens, the Palace of Versailles may be the epitome of old-world luxury. See where Marie Antoinette resided in decadence before her execution and realise why she was reticent to depart.

4. Chateau de Chambord

Found in the Loire Valley, this chateau fit for any fairytale is really a classic illustration of French Renaissance architecture at its finest. To not be outshone, the nearby gardens, lawns and water fountains complement this grand, national treasure.

5. Le Pantheon

This historic domed icon is situated in Paris’ Latin Quarter and it is the ultimate resting host to many famous French historic figures including Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Louis Braille, Marie Curie and Alexandre Dumas. Mind here to admire neoclassical architecture and compensate for some French history.

6. Center Georges Pompidou

The newest, publish-modern style of this building use it the planet map during the 1970s now it’s still as relevant as when it was initially built. The place to find a skill museum, library and research center, this area has attracted countless visitors through the years – attracted in through the peculiar architecture and innovative works housed inside.

7. Arc De Triomphe

Commissioned by pint-sized Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806, the grand Arc de Triomphe monument signifies triumph and victory. Best seen during the night, the luminous golden hues provide atmospheric photo taking possibilities

France tours & travel glass pyramid

8. Moulin Rouge

There isn’t any mistaking the famous red windmill from the Moulin Rouge. Have a snapshot outdoors or mind inside to trap a cheeky show filled with bedazzled, feathered dancers.

9. Beaches of Normandy

The historic ‘D-Day’ landings of Normandy were probably the most crucial military manoeuvres of The Second World War. Going to the beaches in which the largest amphibious invasion in world history required place is essential-provide for history-buffs and novices alike.

10. Eiffel Tower

Through the years, Paris’ much-loved landmark continues to be the setting to a lot of romantic proposals and magic movie moments. Decide to climb the steps to the peak to take views from the Parisian skyline or just take pleasure in the romantic afterglow around the lawn underneath.




mibello aleman: This is the most magnificent video on Paris bar none! Beautifully shot, steady enough so that the eye can rest on the many beautiful sights, but what was the most wonderful thing about this video is that you did not add stupid music and gave us the audio so that it feels like we're there, like we're walking right next to you! Wonderful when one can hear the places we see in videos – it's like a mini vacation! And I loved, loved all the wonderful information you gave us (it's a lot of work) and I most truly appreciate that. Nothing beats a well informed traveler! Thank you for all the work you put into this video and for sharing it! Ciao!

Cleto Marroger: France today is a part of Africa in Europe.

SAFWENE stefane: very very good work but please try to make a video for london Or madrid, Milan !

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Nina Morenko: Paris is truly a city of love! Parisians are incredibly nice, gentle and good-looking. Even if you cannot speak French at all, they always come to help with a friendly smile even if they are not asked for. Besides, Parisians do love talking about France and they always try to teach you some French, so studying here is insanely easy: just put on a beautiful dress and go outside!

Pamala Meyer: Can't believe the haters on here. I would love to visit Paris, France. It is beautiful. To think that all Parisians are haters of other countries is ludicrous. Everyone in a country is an individual and no they don't all feel that way. I am a country girl from Iowa so I don't think any city is truely beautiful. But as far as cities go, Paris has the most charm to me. Love the video!

Billythachikk: I will be visiting Paris with my friend  this coming summer, and I'm looking for places to eat that are just French, not so much "Parisian Tourist" locations. They don't have to speak English or have an English menu. I want to experience France, not just Paris!

aservir frais: Paris is a african city now

Mila Noneofurbusiness: 1. Thank you\n2. Awesome camera\n3. Thanks for the background noise (I like the real sounds of the city)\n4. Thanks for not being an annoying guide and just captioning\n5. Thanks for the interesting places\n6. I truly hope you continue to use your talent and ability to make more!

DragonKingGaav: My favorite city in all of Europe!