France train travel: find out about trains in france – rail europe

France train travel: find out about trains in france - rail europe you can hop

All major French metropolitan areas are connected by TGV, our prime speed train network which travels at speeds nearly 200 miles per hour. Thinking about that France is how big Texas, your destinations are actually only a “whirl” away.

In forget about time compared to average New You are able to commute (or about forty-five minutes), you can hop from Paris to Reims while marveling with the magnificent vineyards of Champagne. Just two hrs goes from Paris towards the cultural center of Nantes. There, you’ll ride across the Loire, watching local fishermen boating around the “royal river.” In three-hrs, TGV journeys to Marseille and also the Mediterranean And Beyond. Here, you’ll uncover gorgeous geography and interesting history, traveling through Burgundy’s medieval villages, across the tumultuous Rhone river, and thru Provence in which you’ll go by the Pont du Gard—a 161-feet high Roman aqueduct, still overlooking lavender fields only 2,000 years after completion.

What’s more, France’s high-speed rail network also connects to neighboring countries. And you may maintain many North-European capitals inside a couple of short hrs from Paris. Why fly when you are able benefit from the comfort, speed, and ease of train travel? As well as its ecological ambiance.

France train travel: find out about trains in france - rail europe to neighboring countriesIf you are planning to visit just a couple of times on TGV, you can purchase tickets. Or, should you’d rather an in-depth search for a specific region through the local train service, select a Eurail France Pass. The pass enables you to visit and hop off local trains (which run frequently and therefore are very comfortable). Be sure that you make a booking to secure seating on longer-distance journeys.

To understand more about preparing your vacation to France, visit Atout France on this link should you’re an american resident or here should you’re a Canadian resident.


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