France train travel & things you can do in france

There are a variety of train types in France prepared to transport both of you night and day. The majority of the French network is run by SNCF. Make use of the Eurail train timetable to check occasions for trains in France.


Regional and intercity trains in France

The primary rail network in France consists of the next regional trains and intercity trains:

  • TER trains link most French towns and metropolitan areas and operate frequent services.

  • InterCité (intercity) trains connect the primary towns and metropolitan areas across France.


Around the Eurail timetable regional trains appear as "RE". Reservations aren’t needed for regional trains and many InterCité trains. Notice a map of InterCité trains which do need a reservation around the SNCF website (in French only).

High-speed trains in France

Worldwide high-speed trains in France

Extremely high-speed trains operate back and forth from France:

  • Eurostar connects Paris and Lille to London (The Uk) through the Funnel Tunnel, and Lille to The city (Belgium).

  • Thalys links Paris to Amsterdam (Netherlands), The city (Belgium), Perfume (Germany).

  • TGV connects Paris to Luxembourg city (Luxembourg), Lille to The city (Belgium), Paris to Turin and Milan (Italia) and Paris to Figueres (The country).

  • TGV Lyria links Paris to Geneva and Zurich (Europe).

  • ICE connects Paris to Frankfurt and Munich (Germany).

  • Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación connects Paris and Marseille to Barcelona and Madrid (The country).


Domestic high-speed trains in France

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French domestic high-speed trains are operated by TGV and travel at speeds of 320 km/h (200 miles per hour). TGV trains transport passengers rapidly and easily to metropolitan areas across France, including from Paris to popular destinations like Bordeaux, Lyons (Lyon), Marseille and Nice.


TGV trains offer air-conditioning, large luggage racks, power sockets, plus refreshments and frequently a cafe or restaurant vehicle.

Around the Eurail timetable TGV trains are merely proven as “TGV”, Thalys as “THA”, ICE as “ICE”, Eurostar as “EST and Talgo of the day as "TLG". These trains always need a reservation.


Night trains in France

Worldwide night trains in France

The Thello night train runs using the next routes:

  • Paris – Milan – Verona – Venice

  • Paris – Florence – Rome


Eurail passes aren’t valid around the Thello because it is run by a personal railway company. 


Domestic night trains in France

The Intercités de Nuit night trains connect Paris to numerous destinations within the east, west and south of France, by night.


City Night Line trains show up on the Eurail timetable as "CNL" and Intercités de Nuit as "NZ". The Thello seems as "EN". You are needed to reserve sleeping accommodation ahead of time.

Train stations of bordering countries

Having a Eurail pass valid in France you can go to the next train stations of nations that border France:

  • Basel (Europe)

  • Geneva (Europe)

  • Portbou (The country)

  • Ventimiglia (Italia)



Eurail Passes valid in France will also be valid in Monaco, a small city-condition on the French Riviera. Its location causes it to be the right stop-over between Nice an italian man , border (twenty minutes by train in either case). Make certain to go to the marina and also the famous Monte Carlo casino!


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