Putney student travel in france & holland for junior high school

Departure • Travel Day • Meet other junior high school student travelers and a number of your leaders in New You are able to, and fly together to Geneva, Europe. To find out more about the way we organize travel, click the link.

Argentière • 4 days • Having a mountain chalet as the first home base — opposite Mont Blanc, in a tiny village above Chamonix — hike above glaciers through wildflower fields with breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks.

Paris • 4 days • Travel by train to Paris and take in Parisian existence, from the music and cafés to museums and monuments. Explore the neighborhoods from the Left Bank, Île en Cité, and Montmartre, and visit famous sites for example Notre Dame Cathedral and also the Louvre. Taste escargots at grand Art Deco brasseries once frequented by Picasso and Sartre, and cruise lower the Seine River to determine the town illuminated during the night.

Biking in Holland • five days •  Head on a 5-day bicycle trip along rural bike pathways, through sand dunes, and past windmills and Nederlander farms. On the way, pause and go swimming at North Ocean beaches, sail or windsurf on inland ponds, and go to the towns of Noordwijk, Haarlem, Egmond, and Heemskerk.

Amsterdam • a couple of days • Relax after your ride a bike and explore Amsterdam’s busy canals and cobblestone roads, visit Anne Frank’s house, and find out works of art by Rembrandt and van Gogh.

Departure • Travel Day Fly together with your group along with a leader from Amsterdam to New You are able to, then continue to your final destination. To find out more about the way we organize travel, click the link.

Resourse: http://goputney.com/programs/student-travel-middle-school-program-in-france/

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