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The Euro

The Euro started circulation on The month of january 1, 2002. From the twenty-eight Eu states, 18 now utilize the Euro: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, A holiday in greece, Ireland, Italia, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, The country and Latvia.

Credit/An Atm Card

Most companies in France accept debit and credit cards as payment. In most cases, the easiest method to go would be to withdraw cash from your Bank (“un distributeur”), located outdoors on most banks and publish offices. Most of them may have instructions in British in addition to French. An atm card will incur less charges than charge cards, so do not depend exclusively on the charge card for the cash needs. Make sure to remember your Flag! This process of withdrawing funds is much more convenient and fewer costly than cashing travelers’ checks.

Before your departure, make sure to inform your bank along with your charge card company to avoid a hold being put on your card when foreign transactions appear, and to discover what sort of overseas charges you pay. Probably you will see single-3% withdrawal fee per transaction, so you may consider withdrawing bigger amounts less often and maintaining your funds stashed at the apartment or well hidden in a tiny money belt beneath your clothing.

Some companies offer lower worldwide charges than the others — and a few don’t charge any whatsoever. Should you’re a weight lengthy trip, do your homework and think about getting a card only for worldwide purchases. Capital You have an especially good status without-fee worldwide transactions on its charge cards and it is an atm card associated with a bank account.

If at all possible, consider getting several major charge card, from various banks, because sometimes an agreement for any purchase by charge card is going to be inexplicably denied, while a charge card from another bank is recognized for the similar transaction. Also, different charge card companies charge different charges. Internet banking can help you have the ability to keep an eye on the charges being billed for you, along with the exchange rate you are getting.

French charge cards make use of a microchip. To buy having a nick-and-PIN card, the cardholder inserts the credit card right into a slot within the payment machine, then enters a PIN (like using debit cards in america) as the card stays within the slot. The nick within the card authorizes the transaction the cardholder doesn’t sign an invoice.

American-style cards happen to be rejected by a few automated payment machines in France. This is particularly normal with machines at train and subway stations, toll roads, parking garages, luggage lockers, bike-rental kiosks, and self-serve gas pumps. For instance, following a lengthy flight into Charles de Gaulle Airport terminal, you discover you are able to’t make use of your charge card in the ticket machine for that train into Paris. Or, while driving on the Sunday mid-day, you uncover the automated service station only accepts nick and PIN cards.

In many of these situations, a cashier is nearby who are able to process your magnetic-stripe card by hand by swiping it and getting you sign the receipt that old-fashioned way. Many payment machines take cash remember you could make use of an ATM to withdraw money with your magnetic-stripe bank card.

Most restaurants and shops that provide Americans will happily accept your US charge card. Throughout the transaction, when the merchant refuses your card or appears to possess trouble, keep these things swipe your card, or explain the magnetic stripe and indicate that you may have to sign for that charge. “Avec cette carte, je dois signer”. Or: “C’est une carte étrangère, il faut une signature”.

It is usually smart to possess some cash from our currency. To find the best rates, wait until you are able to withdraw cash in the local distributeur instead of at foreign currency kiosks at travel locations.


Tipping in France isn’t as automatic and generous because it is within the U . s . States, but tips are appreciated nonetheless. As in america, a lot depends upon your sources, tipping philosophy, and also the conditions.

At restaurants services are incorporated within the cost, tips really are a small bonus for that waiters, you may choose to depart five to tenPercent or fewer, however this isn’t mandatory. In a café or perhaps in taxis round to the next euro, unless of course it is a lengthy drive that you should round to the nearest ten euros.

Making use of your mobile phone in France


When wireless can be obtained, smartphones could be very helpful for pulling up maps, using skype to create lengthy-distance calls, checking museum schedules or locating a nearby restaurant rapidly, amongst other things. Nearly all France: Homestyle’s apartments in Paris are actually outfitted with wireless.

Check this out article regarding how to use public wireless in Paris.

Remember that worldwide data roaming is prohibitively costly and you ought to be cautious about making use of your device to create calls or see the internet. The safest approach to take would be to turn off data roaming and set your phone in plane mode once you leave the united states.

Switching for an worldwide plan will decrease your per-minute charges, however they can always be pricey. Speak to your provider before leaving to ask about their specific packages and verify that the phone is unlocked, outfitted with GSM and "tri-band", or suitable for European bandwidth. You’ll be able to change the Sim for any local European Sim that will help you to call people at local rates. Keep in mind that buddies and family who call you’ll be having to pay greater worldwide rates.

Offline apps similar to this Paris guide which Metro navigator work well tools and also you won’t risk overspending.

Purchase One There

Fundamental mobile phones are affordable (around €30) in France. You might buy a Sim in your area in a newsstand, cell phone store, or large stores with electronics departments for example FNAC and Darty.

Make sure to look at your remaining credit balance regularly!

Cars & Driving

Charge card experience freeways and highways

Toll booths

Although your card might be recognized at some tollbooths, be ready to purchase tollways with cash. Oftentimes foreign cards, which don’t have the microchip contained in French cards, won’t be recognized by toll machines. Enter into any lane at toll stations except individuals in orange marked “télépéage”. They’re for daily commuters utilizing a prepaid monthly card. There are plenty more ordinary lanes for everybody else compared to commuters. Another lanes take cards or cash.

Driving Tips

In an intersection, always give priority towards the vehicle in your right unless of course otherwise indicated. This fundamental rule applies in the united states but is strict on French roadways. It’s the one rule French people observe consistently, possibly since there are less Stop signs, and 4 Way stops don’t exist there.

Another fundamental rule, remain in the best lane on freeways except to pass through. If you notice an impatient driver inside your rear view mirror, don’t worry, just keep your driving speed and allow them to over-take if this’s safe. Don’t go personally, other product idea you’re American.

Having to pay for Gasoline

When filling your vehicle, be ready to pay with money in situation your card isn’t recognized. To be able to purchase gas together with your card, you may want to go into the service station store to do this personally plan in advance should you anticipate requiring gas after stores are closed at night. Consider seeing a Hypermarché or similar large supermarket, usually around the fringe of town it can save you as much as 5% by doing this.

Vehicle Rental Tip: Vehicle rental upgrades might not be advisable. The automobile is going to be of bigger proportions and harder to barter through a few of the small roads and parking spaces you’ll probably encounter. Many French families travel in vans but they’re acquainted with their itineraries and limitations. Do note that almost all car rentals in France are run by stick shift.

Public Transit

Rail in France and Europe

Travel by train is among the most widely used and good ways to circumvent Europe. The Paris/Nice route takes only five . 5 hrs by TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning “High Speed Train”). Travel occasions by TGV:

  • Paris – Lyon: 2 hrs
  • Paris – Avignon: 3 hrs
  • Paris – Marseille: 4 hrs half an hour
  • Paris – Nice: 5 hrs half an hour
  • Paris- Bordeaux: 3 hrs


10 Tips For Your 1st Trip To Paris


Ulster Groundhopper: Tip from a seasoned European city breaker of decades experience. Whatever you do, do NOT buy a Paris Pass, or indeed any such city pass. Unless you intend to take about ten metro/bus journeys a day and visit about eight attractions a day you will not get value from it. Most city breakers on average only use public transport 3-5 times a day and visit no more than 4-5 attractions a day. if you take the time to price this up you will find that a day travel pass and paying at the gate for what you visit will work out cheaper. The Paris Pass, indeed most city passes are a trap that most inexperienced city breakers fall for. I too was once guilty until I started actually looking at the costs of what I would have spent without it. Also Remember if you're an EU citizen under the age of 25, most Paris attractions are free anyway!

TheRenaissanceman65: +Ulster Groundhopper I couldn't agree more. These city passes sound SO convenient but convenience isn't free. In fact it's a rip-off.

Damian Medina-Ruiz: Agree! They are so expensive and not worth it.

Chesa Djanelle: I'm 17 and I'm going to Paris alone. Hopefully I'll be fine :)

Zhen 98: Damn this girl posts on every Paris video :/

Hannah-Louise Smith: Claudia Barron me too! My first solo trip

Nicole Barlaan: Super helpful tips, especially the pick pocketers! Thanks, girl!! 👍🏼 The French language doesn't have AM/PM, so that's why they use military time. One of the few things that stuck from French class haha!

Crystalina: I was wondering about the wall outlets like to charge your phone and stuff. Are they different? Do you need to buy an adapter? I'm going in April for my bday!!

J Crayton: Crystalina I am going in may for mine b-day

Adventures with Amirah: We are going in April, too! We are so excited! 💕-Amirah