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I’m an Australian author who lives between London and Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France.

Born and elevated around australia, my first overseas visit to Paris at age ten sparked a love for travel and adventure which has never stopped. Within the last two decades I’ve travelled extensively throughout France and be enamoured using the French method of existence. My first book, MY FRENCH Existence, was printed in the year 2006 and FRENCH ESSENCE, the 2nd, in ’09. I see these books like a celebration of my passion for France so that as my own thanks towards the country which has given me a lot happiness.

vickiarcher.com has altered many occasions since a debut six years back and that i could not have predicted the great adventure it’s been. Writing has allowed me for connecting with like-minded individuals around the globe I’ve made wonderful friendships and talk to fascinating people every day.

Since a really youthful age fashion is a temptation of mine, lengthy before I grew to become misty-eyed over Paris, Provence and olive trees. Our self-confidence and our method of facing the planet are frequently obsessed with what we should put on. I wish to explore the most recent the latest fashions and adapt these to suit our way of life. Planning for a wardrobe, whether it’s for work, for travel, a special event or weekends is really a pleasure for me personally, no chore.

Beauty is yet another subject that people frequently discuss. There’s a lot to understand and also to uncover, a lot of advancements with treatments, skincare making-up. Sometimes our liveliest talks are related to beauty secrets, tips and methods or even the never–ending subject of lifestyle and diet. These are a few of my very favourite conversations.

Paris, I understand we share an appreciation of Paris. You will find never enough days to see everything Paris provides. Recording individuals incomparable moments, chancing upon new corners and love the town again and again&hellip that’s my arrange for Paris.

Provence is one of the senses. Involving inside them is the best way to uncover the good thing about Provence. Basking on a sunny day, wondering in the history, going through the villages, shopping within the markets, relaxing having a glass of vino and dining within the brasseries. Sometimes I feel like existence stands still in Provence.

And London, I wish to talk much more of London.

About - vicki archer and our method

It might be merely a hop skip along with a train ride underneath the British Funnel but London is really a whole other vibrant and vibrant world. London feels just like the place to find me since after i am requested whether I favor London or Provence&hellip I’m able to perfect solution that me is split. Provence had me at bonjour: London crept track of stealth and understatement.

I’m so happy you’re here and I think you’ll will return frequently&hellip Please message me with any queries or ideas which are of great interest for you. That’s why is for excellent conversation&hellip xv


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