French daily schedule vocabulary

French Daily Routine PhrasesWithin this lesson become familiar with a chuckle an helpful French daily schedule phrases and vocabulary words. Using these words you’ll be able to explain that which you do every day. Please be aware that there are plenty of reflexive verbs utilized in this lesson, for example “je me lève”. Thus, it’s smart to review these verbs like a supplement for this lesson. NOTE: It is really an audio tutorial. Click the French words, listen, repeat and exercise your pronunciation.

Vocabulary List

je me lève I awaken je prends ma douche I take my shower
je me lave l’ensemble des dents I brush my teeth je me lave le visage I wash my face
je prends le petit déjeuner I eat breakfast je prends united nations café I’ve got a coffee
j’attends le bus I wait for a bus je vais au travail I start working
je vais à l’école I am going to college je vais au cabinet I visit the office
je prends le déjeuner I’ve lunch je prends une sieste I’ve got a nap
je rentre chez moi I am going home je fais du sport I actually do sports/I exercise
je rencontre plusieurs amis I meet some buddies je vais a la salle de musculation I visit the gym
je prends le dîner I’ve dinner je regarde la télé I watch television
je lis united nations livre I just read a magazine je me couche I go to sleep

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