Kids from france

Kids from france made from cow, sheep

  • Continent: The European Union
  • Climate: Mild winters and awesome summers in much of the united states warmer winters and hot summers across the Mediterranean coast
  • School:

  • The college day typically runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., having a two-hour lunch time. Schools close Wednesday and Sunday, and also have a half-day on Saturday.
  • There aren’t any uniforms in public places schools however, religious dress, for example headscarves for Muslim women or yarmulkes for Jewish boys, is banned.


  • Escargot (snail), or la marelle ronde, is really a traditional hopscotch game that utilizes a spiral shape and just one feet. Numerous traditional games will also be performed.
  • Soccer, cycling and tennis are favorite sports in France. In certain areas, pelote, a conventional handball game, is popular.


  • Most French moms work nearly all preschool children attend condition-run day cares referred to as crèches.
  • France has laws and regulations about naming children. Until 1993, all names needed to be selected from your official list. Today, public prosecutors can continue to reject children’s name.

Signature foods:

  • Onion soup created using beef broth and capped with toast and cheese, then broiled before the cheese is melted and browned
  • Clafouti, a dessert made from fruit, for example cherries or peaches, capped having a wealthy cake batter after which baked

Interesting creatures:

  • The garden dormouse, a forest-dwelling rodent, having a bushy tail, oversized ears, and dramatic black markings on its face
  • The Pyrenean desman, a furry, swimming, rat-sized mammal that utilizes its sensitive, tube-like snout to trap water insects

Kids from france 350 types of cheese

  • Unique holiday: Bastille Day, This summer 14, celebrates the finish from the French monarchy throughout the French Revolution of 1879. Military parades and fireworks really are a traditional thing about this national holiday.
  • Are you aware? There are other than 350 types of cheese in France. French cheese might be made from cow, sheep or goat milk, or a mix of these. The typical French person eats about 50 pounds of cheese each year (in contrast to 31 pounds per American).
  • To learn more, visit the Fact Monster page about France.


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