9 incredibly helpful sites with french listening exercises to rapidly hone your ears

Wish to have an even conversation in French—without misunderstandings?

Wish you could enjoy French radio and talk shows, instead of battling to understanding what’s happening?

Wish to rock to French hits, and understand what the song’s about?

To know spoken French, you’ve gotta listen.

French learners of levels can agree that to an untrained ear, French is spoken so rapidly and with no pauses it sounds almost incomprehensive. Believe me: It’s daunting for individuals who’ve been studying French for any lengthy time.

However, hearing French is an important skill that must definitely be developed to be able to enhance your French, so becoming accustomed to the rate and structure is the only method to allow it to be less terrifying.

Lucky for you personally, the web is really a magical place, ripe with possibilities to listen to French better. Listed here are the very best nine sites online where one can pay attention to French!

9 Incredibly Helpful Sites with French Listening Exercises to Rapidly Hone Your Ears

Education Scotland

listen to french

Education Scotland has ten listening exercises targeted at youthful, beginner level learners of French. Each one of the ten exercises describes the everyday lives of the different French teen, with topics varying from soccer practice, geography and jobs to making a reservation in a restaurant. Each recording also offers a transcript to ensure that learners can follow along and appearance their understanding.


listen to french

FluentU is definitely an online immersion platform that takes real-world videos—like videos, movie trailers, news and galvanizing talks—and turns them into personalized learning training. You can browse videos by difficulty (beginner to native), subject (arts and entertainment, health insurance and lifestyle, etc.) and format (video blog, news, shows, etc.).

Each video comes with French and British subtitles, which may be toggled off and on when needed. Definitions for just about any subtitled words could be utilized while you listen, by simply placing your cursor within the word under consideration. FluentU offers downloadable audio dialogues and transcripts that you could access later when you are offline, so it’s ideal for listening practice. In addition, the entire program includes tools to positively practice your vocabulary and grammar, like multimedia flashcards, running vocabulary lists and it is unique Learn Mode.



listen to french

For individuals who have no idea, a dictée (dictation) is really a French listening exercise that you listen to a recording of spoken French and then write lower precisely what you heard. Sounds easy, right?

Wrong. French is complicated in a feeling that many gender agreement between nouns and adjectives and verbal agreement happens, and more often than not, this agreement includes silent letters like extra an extra -e, –s and -ing. Sometimes there are plenty of silent letters that the word can seem next to nothing like they way it’s typed. So within this way dictées are great for hearing French and practicing grammar.

Why shall we be held suggesting all this? ToLearnFrench.com has over 360 dictées for you to definitely practice hearing French. Click one of these and exercise writing out that which you hear. Each also offers a solution key for you to definitely check that which you heard (and make certain you’ve made all individuals annoying contracts correctly!)

Lawless French

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Operated by in france they translator and teacher Laura K. Lawless, Lawless French offers many sources for conquering French grammar, speaking and listening. Its listening exercises are for learners of levels, with topics such as travel, geography and history. For every degree of proficiency, Lawless French offers tests to ensure that learners can understand what level they’re at, making appropriate study changes accordingly.

Ciel Bretagne

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Converted to “Sky Brittany,” this site offers a range of exercises that permit learners to organize for French exams. Even though you do not have any formal tests scheduled, this site continues to be an incredible tool for learners. The exercises span both studying comprehension and listening comprehension, and they’re catered toward the various quantity of a Common European Framework of Reference standard for learning.

On top of that, should you join the subscriber list, you’re going to get an e-mail notification whenever new workouts are available, and also the website claims they produce a new activity every month.

IE Languages

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This site is a personal favorite of mine not just for learning French, but in addition for another Indo-European languages which have tutorials on ielanguages.com. Even though there are tutorials for nearly 15 languages, French may be the primary focus and it has the biggest quantity of sources, including a French language tutorial as well as an e-book on informal and spoken French. These two products include audio recordings which include different examples of native French speech.

The e-book on informal French comes with exercises that use plusieurs clozes (complete the blanks) combined with the audio samples.

Le point du FLE

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FLE is a phrase for Français langue étrangère (French like a language), which web site is a try-to source of learners of French like a language.

The listening workouts are split into three niveaux (levels), and there’s a combination of video, podcasts and mp3s. In addition to this, the exercises include complete the blanks, and a few are even dictées. For that beginner French learners, there are a variety of exercises which have a transcription, so you can follow along and know very well what has been stated.

Le plaisir d’apprendre

listen to french

In British, the this site means “the pleasure of learning,” with an internet site such as this one, it’s a significant pleasure to understand. This site allows French learners to locate sources each and every level. Although the website is in French, it’s exercises for written comprehension, grammar and listening comprehension for A1 learners (beginners) to B2 learners (intermediate learners).

Here’s some useful vocabulary for novices to navigate the website:

  • Compréhension orale means “oral comprehension,” however for all intents and purposes, this is when you’ll discover the listening exercises.
  • Compréhension écrite means “written comprehension.”
  • Lexique means “vocabulary practice.”
  • Grammaire means “grammar.”
  • Civilisation has exercises concerning the history, geography and culture of France and also the French speaking world.
  • Scénarios pédagogiques is really a source of teachers that informs of situations where different teaching techniques were utilized in a classroom setting.

Overall, this can be a fantastic source of all learners. I simply hope they’ve created more levels for advanced French learners too.

Defense Language Institute Language Center

Like ielanguages.com, the Defense Language Institute Language Center has over 40 languages to select from. They pull their sources from articles, TV reports, radio broadcasts and much more, as well as for French, you will find almost 200 training to select from.

Each lesson includes around five activities, and learners can choose the amount they need—whether you want studying or listening comprehension, and also the subject you want the lesson to be. Topics subjects include science, culture, technology and much more.

So connect your earphones and obtain clicking! Deciphering the mumbo-jumbo that’s rapidly spoken French is simpler than you fear.

Should you loved this publish, something informs me that you will love FluentU, the easiest method to learn French with real-world videos.

Experience French immersion online!

Resourse: http://fluentu.com/blog/french/listen-to-french/

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