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Horn teachers normally have a running list – mental, physical, or both – of the favorite exercises for tackling various parts of horn technique, and also the high range isn’t any exception.  You will find tons of great exercises, methods, and methods for focusing on this range, and also over time teachers develop their very own method of focusing on it with students.  Why can our prime register be challenging around the horn?  Among the best explanations I’ve read is within Douglas Hill’s High Range for that Horn Player, printed in 2005 by Great Music, LLC.  He notes the next within the introduction.

Our prime range around the horn is frequently a problematic sign up for large figures of youthful and for many advanced performers. The general entire instrument, the deep cup from the typical horn mouthpiece, and the requirement of the gamer to eventually administer a complete four to 4 . 5 octaves frequently causes more youthful players to find and uncover shortcuts towards the high notes. These unfortunate shortcuts are frequently discovered by forcing: using an excessive amount of facial tension and/or pinching in the aperture, or through an excessive amount of mouthpiece pressure, especially from the top lip. Short-term results frequently become lengthy-term problems!

Although some players do experience quantum leaps within their high range – vast improvement inside a short time -I believe more frequently a great high range is developed with time by consistent practice.  I love to vary my materials, as students can frequently get annoyed by working on a single exercise(s) day in and day trip.  The list below describes a couple of of my top picks – meaning individuals exercises which i revisit to in my very own playing as well as in training.  They’re fairly simple, however , do appear to access the particular technique needed within the high range.  For me the very best high range workouts are individuals that trick you into playing greater than you believe you are able to play.  When you get the technique, it doesn’t sense like you need to work on all to experience these.

William Brophy, Technical Studies for Solving Special Problems around the Horn, p. 16, Exercise No. 5 and workout No. 6 Based on the author, Exercise No. 5  “utilizes the half-step method of top of the notes however in major arpeggio form instead of scale-wise. Within this exercise “ride” a dark tone on the healthy, steady, mezzo-forte air stream.”  I personally use this exercise mainly in an effort to check up on my air and tongue placement within the high range.  If things aren’t working right I will tell immediately making adjustments if required.  Exercise No. 6 is really a classic pattern familiar to a lot of players, and uses the harmonic series to build up high range.  I love to add crescendos and diminuendos as appropriate to assist focus on the required air speed for top playing.

James Stamp, Warm-Ups and Studies for Trumpet along with other Brass Instruments, p. 9, No. 5 This pattern is ideal for focusing on air speed and power within the high range.  For additional info on James Stamp and the routine, browse the number of articles at LivMusic.  This web site is maintained by Craig Morris, Professor of Trumpet in the College of Miami.

The final being active is one I created a couple of years back, and that i use servings of it everyday within my own routine.  The concept behind this being active is once more to trick yourself into playing greater than you believe possible with just the minimum quantity of effort needed.  The “flick” concept is obviously lent from Philip Farkas in The skill of French Horn Playing. Just like a number of other high range exercises, that one starts inside a comfortable register to determine the correct habits with no unnecessary tension.  Brief instructions are incorporated, and you may download the entire exercise here: High Register Exercise – Horn World

Just like almost anything, the important thing to creating a high range around the horn would be to have a good attitude and to carry out things inside a logical and informed way.  I recognize that I’ve only scratched the top with regards to the excellent materials available, and that i would like to learn about your personal favorite high range exercises.

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