Gender in translation: a french-american dialogue

Gender in Translation: A French-American Dialogue

Judith Butler, Maxine Elliott Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley
Eric Fassin, Professor of Sociology, Department of Political Science and Department of Gender Studies, Paris-8 College
Michael Lucey, Professor of French and Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley
Bruno Perreau, Cynthia L. Reed Professor, and Affiliate Professor of French Studies, Durch

The wedding will consider how gender studies and queer theory happen to be converted, received, appropriated, and declined in France, sparking debates about religion, nature, science, cultural imports, immigration, race, and national belonging. How has gender been assimilated, caricatured, and affirmed, as well as for what reasons? How has got the group of gender become associated with both calls for gay marriage as well as for sexual autonomy, and just how will the religious critique of gender enhance the issue of national wholesomeness, linking to current debates about immigration and non secular diversity?

Judith Butler: Introduction and Response

Eric Fassin: “Transatlantic Translations: In France They Politics of Gender within the American Mirror since 1989”

Michael Lucey: “Translating Sexuality Contextually”

Bruno Perreau: “Transatlantic Echoes: Education and Belonging after Marriage Equality”

Presented through the Enter in Critical Theory, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Department of French, and also the Cultural Services from the French Embassy in america.

Free and available to the general public. To learn more, please contact

December 10, 2015 3:00pm – 6:00pm

370 Dwinelle Hall

UC Berkeley


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