Get ready for your french exam

Get ready for your french exam our programmes are

Would you like to make certain they pass you French language test the first time?

You’ll be able to trust DialoguE.

DialoguE is specialising in French exam preparation.

Since the beginning of Dialogue 24 years back, everybody that has ready for a French exam around has been successful in passing it.

The DialoguE Approach

Whatever the amount of a foreign language skills, the DialoguE Approach can help you pass your French exam. That is because our programmes are tailored specifically meeting your requirements.

DialoguE preparation and revision:

(non exhaustive list)

  • Abitur
  • Baccalériat (European & Worldwide)
  • Alliance Française
  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris
  • GCSE
  • GCE-An amount


Our students comment:

Koichi NODA


I’ve studied French within the last four summers in French-speaking countries with no other school is preferable to DialoguE because of the "private training."

I introduced some cassettes which I’d recorded French programs, designed a transcript before each lesson coupled with an instructor correct it. This practice greatly solved the problem improve my French.

This fall soon after the training I passed the DELF first grade in the score of 16.5~18 from 20.

John Slater

Burlington Consultants,


Dialogue gave me a great preparation in my INSEAD French exam. Particularly, Dialogue’s thorough coverage of grammar and it is distillation of helpful structures in ‘Phrases-Clefs’ offered me a good grounds for attacking both multiple choice and written parts of test.

Also, living and studying within the ‘total immersion’ atmosphere at DialoguE permitted me to pay for and assimilate that much quicker than I’d have in a bigger school.

Ben Small


Get ready for your french exam However, the
Master of business administration Candidate, INSEAD

The mixture of total immersion in french and intense academics is really effort. However, the immersion and also the excellent instruction compensated off.

I’m delighted with my progress. I’m able to communicate in French with much better agility than ever before DialoguE. Furthermore, I’m believing that through DialoguE I’ve built a good base that will enable my ongoing progress.

DialoguE was the perfect preparation in my Master of business administration studies in France.

Robert Taylor

Preparation for Bac Worldwide,

Sacramento, CA

Personally i think that DialoguE is a superb program for understanding the language. It’s good professors, individual training, and total language immersion.

This program for that more youthful students is extremely interactive, and it is truly like coping with a household, not inside a boarding school.

It’s also an effective program, and something that I would suggest to the student who’s seriously interested in learning and mastering French.

Testimonials in French

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