Languages @ uw-madison ongoing studies

Languages @ uw-madison ongoing studies at the

“This class is made extra fabulous because of the instructor and her apparent passion for the word what, along with the apparent passion for people and teaching.”

“I many userful stuff here about language and culture. The fabric was well-selected, and also the instructor culitvated a hot and supportive learning atmosphere.”

“Lots of fun! I love the mix of language, culture, and language history.”

“Sage was a great teacher. I greatly enjoyed the category!”

“An outstanding class – I had been skeptical about how exactly much I possibly could learn so rapidly and it was astonished by the outcomes. I’m thinking about taking German – to not fulfill essential but merely as this went very well.”

“I am nervous at the start as I have never studied French before, however i thought it was manageable, and that i progressively grew to become positive about studying French.”

“Very fun! Acquired basics understanding of German for future travels! Also – makes me wish to consider other extension courses.”

“I such as the mixture of language instruction and knowledge about Norwegian culture.”

Languages @ uw-madison ongoing studies have never studied French

“Teacher has excellent instincts and teaching style.”

“A excellent class, good instructor, well-structured and fascinating – easy way restore the forgotten French.”

“I enjoyed the category greatly would go again would recommend it.”

Languages @ uw-madison ongoing studies had been

University of Wisconsin Madison English as a Second Language


Mustafa Duman: Miss you guys!

Anees Ismail: Mustafa Duman miss you too Mustafa