Language, french course descriptions

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French Course Descriptions

FREN 1401: Beginning French I [TCCN: FREN 1311, 1411, or 1511]
Created for individuals students who’ve minimal or no training using the language, this

course introduces the abilities of studying, writing and pronouncing French. These skills

are based on grammatical exercises and dental practice. The program includes

introducing French culture and history.

FREN 1402: Beginning French II [TCCN: FREN 1312, 1412, or 1512]
More complex study and employ of dental expression and writing. Prerequisite: FREN 1401

or CI.

FREN 2301: Intermediate French I [TCCN: FREN 2311]
Medium difficulty studying course in French. Made to strengthen students’ grammar,

vocabulary, and skills in studying and translation. Prerequisite: FREN 1402 or CI.

FREN 2302: Intermediate French II [TCCN: FREN 2312]
Readings in Prose and Poetry with ongoing grammar study. Prerequisite: FREN 2301 CI.

FREN 3315: Advanced Grammar and Composition
Detailed study of French grammar, with regular assignments in composition. Course

trained in French. Prerequisites: FREN 2302 or CI.

FREN 3320: Major French Authors
Readings in selected masterpieces of French literature. Might be repeated once for credit

when content changes. Course trained in French. Prerequisites: FREN 2302 or CI.

FREN 4199-4699: Independent Study
Independent study in specific regions of French language or literature not included in

organized undergraduate courses. No more than six credit hrs might be applied toward

an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.

FREN 1611: Faster French I
Created for students getting no contact with French, this program offers 6 credit hrs

and is the same as the very first 2 Beginning French semesters. Speaking, listening,

writing and studying skills are emphasized having a concentrate on the French grammar and acquisition

of vocabulary.

FREN 2611: Faster French II
Created for students who’ve completed a minimum of 6 hrs of French or who’ve an

equivalent competence in French language. This program is faster, looks at the

entire French grammar seen throughout the newbie of French and accumulates vocabulary,

conversation skills, studying and ability as a copywriter.

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Learn French language, French course, lesson 1: Introduction


David Bohata: I don't speak french at all but doesn't "S'il vous plaît" mean "please"???

Cheb Azame: +dejffjed I was now thinking the same thing.

Denis Simic: There are a few ideas for how to Iearn French\nDecide preciseIy why you wish to speak it\nTry to use French in your everyday Iife\nFind which process works for you the best.\n(l Iearned about these and more from Magic Ianguage method site).

Ahcene BEN ALLEL: Thank you very much. It's realy simply and easy way to do learnBoth French and English.

Jhon Mario Panzza Jimenez: Je ne parlez pas français, I`m a native spanish speaker I learned english and now I`m Interested to learn my third language I chose french because this a beautiful language, so if someone needs to practice (spanish and/or english) and for me french, write me wpp +573008364404 (Colombia).

XxUltimateGamer: Thank you for the tutorial!

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Justine Thompson: je vous remercie beaucoup , il est très facile à apprendre le français ! Je ne suis pas français . J'ai appris parler français de mon professeur , son nom est Abby . pour moi, elle est le meilleur professeur français jamais! oui, elle est française.

Rodrigo Palomino: I appreciate your project. Congratulations, excellent. Thank you for your attention.

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