Language Do you want to

  • Do you want to be associated with our global community?
  • Have you thought about the way you turn into a far more effective witness for Christ in other cultures?
  • Do you want to have the ability to talk to citizens of other nations whenever you travel abroad?
  • Would you like to possess a linguistic advantage within the employment market?

We will help you make these goals a real possibility inside your existence!

The goals from the language department will be to aid students in:

  • gaining understanding and appreciation of languages apart from British that’s, their linguistic structure and also the cultures and literatures that utilize these languages
  • achieving a suitable degree of proficiency in each one of the four vocabulary skills: understanding, speaking, studying, and writing
  • reaching some knowledge of language being an essential requirement of man’s being produced within the picture of God, along with a fundamental way of expressing God’s love and salvation inside a significant and private way.

Four semesters of Arabic study (Modern Standard Arabic, with a few contact with Egyptian along with other ‘languages’) enable students to converse in a fundamental level on everyday topics and read in a beginning intermediate level. Horizons expand as students understand the different structure and writing system of the non-European language and discover something concerning the cultures and worldviews of their loudspeakers.

Chinese students in Elementary Mandarin Chinese are studying everyday functional Chinese by using the adventures of countless animated video figures because they make buddies, travel around Beijing, eat at restaurants in restaurants, study, etc. Along the way they learn how to speak and interact in dialogues, read Chinese, beginning at the start level and progressing towards the beginning intermediate level in 2 semesters.

French students at Covenant are looking forward to learning not just the dwelling and vocabulary from the language, but the fascinating variations in modern French culture and society. The advanced students read the information on correct French pronunciation and also the richness of French literature throughout the 16th with the 18th centuries. Our students make the most of study-abroad possibilities in Aix-en-Provence in southern France.

German students at Covenant are immersed within the wealthy culture of German-speaking Europe whether in conversation or perhaps in film studies, history or literature. With possibilities for plan to the biggest language group in Europe with MTW in eastern Berlin and focus abroad throughout the academic year or perhaps in the summer time, students are supplied with a lot more incentives for more language development.

Spanish has become more popular then ever and helpful even within our very own nation. The beginning student has ample chance to rehearse with native loudspeakers of Spanish, either here on campus or perhaps in the Chattanooga / Northwest Georgia community. Become familiar with conversational skills and structure at first and intermediate levels, in addition to interesting cultural details about the Spanish-speaking world. Within the advanced levels you’ll read the structure, stylistics, literature, phonetics, culture, civilization, conversation along with other facets of the word what in-depth.


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