Other languages m.a.t.

Other languages m.a.t. should have earned

Theresa McBreen, Program Director

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The Department of Other Languages and Literatures offers online resources Arts in Teaching with concentrations in French, German, or Spanish. Also offered is really a minor in the graduate level. Students who want to minor in other languages must decide the needs according to their major curriculum in consultation using their advisors.

This degree is supposed to prepare native and non-native loudspeakers from the language for any career in language teaching in the elementary or secondary level. Students intending to educate in grade school should be licensed just before admittance to the M.A.T. program. Individuals intending to educate around the secondary level might be already licensed or may pursue licensure while signed up for the M.A.T. program however, needs for admittance to teacher education should be met. Students pick a concentration from French, German, or Spanish.

Please visit undergraduate catalog for specifics of undergraduate programs.

Admission Needs

To become accepted to online resources Arts in Teaching in Other Languages program having a French concentration, applicant should have earned a minimum of 24 semester hrs of French. Students may complete as much as 6 hrs of those as undergraduate hrs while concurrently signed up for the graduate program. Native loudspeakers must talk to the graduate director in regards to this requirement.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is needed. A combined score of 291 (current scale) or 900 (former scale) around the verbal and quantitative servings of the Graduate Record Examination is recognized as suggestive of possibility of a suitable degree of academic performance.

Application Procedures

All application materials should be posted towards the College of Graduate Studies.

Applicant must

  1. sign up using the appropriate application fee (online at www.mtsu.edu/graduate/apply.php)
  2. submit official scores around the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  3. submit two letters of reference
  4. submit official transcripts of previous college work.

Other languages m.a.t. Application Procedures        All

Degree Needs

Online resources Arts in Teaching in Other Languages having a concentration in French requires completing 33 hrs.

Candidate must

  1. complete no less than 33 semester hrs including 24 hrs in language courses as the following a maximum of 30 % from the total degree hrs dual-listed as undergraduate/graduate hrs could be counted toward the amount
  2. develop a professional education component authorized by the chair from the Educational Leadership Department
  3. achieve an dental proficiency level within the target language (French) with a minimum of "Advanced" along with a written proficiency degree of "Advanced Plus" around the ACTFL scale students should consult the other languages graduate director to acquire more information about this requirement
  4. demonstrate a fundamental studying understanding inside a language apart from French this requirement might be met by passing an overseas language studying examination or by earning your final grade of the or B (83%) in GERM 5990 or SPAN 5920 or by passing a studying examination
  5. effectively develop a written comprehensive examination that covers language teaching methods and also the language, literature, and culture of french (might be taken a maximum of two times).

Curriculum: Other Languages, French

 Candidate must complete 33 hrs within the following training program:

Core (6 hrs)


  • Resourse: http://mtsu.edu/programs/foreign-language-grad/

Other languages m.a.t. admittance to the



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