American business school – paris, france

The American Business School (ABS) Paris offers majors in Worldwide Business, Worldwide Marketing and Worldwide Finance.  Its study programs are worldwide in scope, allowing its students to include an invaluable global dimension for their business studies. Over fifty percent of their student body includes worldwide students from Europe and all of those other world.

The ABS is situated at 12 rue Alexandre Parodi, tenth arrondissement, close to the Louis Blanc metro station. Its modern primary campus features a library, cafeteria, amphitheaters, classrooms, computer labs, wi-fi connection, and use of premier sports facility in the Center Dpartemental de Formation et d’Animations Sportives.


The ABS business program is accredited through the Worldwide Set up for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), an american accrediting agency.

ABS is presently partnered with several US universities such as the College of Virginia, the College of Sc, the College of Hawaii at Manoa, Florida Atlantic College, Marymount College, North Park Condition College, Bay Area Condition College, Temple College and also the College of William and Mary, to mention a couple of.

Teaching Model

In the American Business School, all business classes are trained in British by an worldwide faculty and also the program’s design enables students to pay attention to their very own academic interests and career goals with an individualized basis. Team performance and worldwide situation studies lead towards the students’ purchase of multicultural competencies.

Programs Located

France study abroad programs

Host City Description

Paris is justifiably famous as a vibrant, beautiful and cosmopolitan city with world-class museums, art, culture, companies, nightlife and restaurants. Paris also advantages of a remarkable metro system which makes it very achievable for college students to understand more about all central Paris. The fifth arrondissement, in which the Sorbonne is situated, is incorporated in the Latin Quarter with a large and active student population and it is located in the middle of the town.

Overall, Paris is extremely a metropolitan atmosphere which will appeal most to individuals searching for any big-city, fast-paced experience.


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