French police clash with protesting youths, arrest 26

PARIS (Reuters) – French police fired tear gas on Thursday at youths who hurled projectiles and vandalized property around the fringes of the student demonstration from the alleged rape of the youthful black man by police utilizing a baton.

Countless high-school students blocked the entrances to greater than a dozen schools in Paris throughout the unauthorized rally that was largely peaceful besides the isolated skirmishes. Police made 26 arrests.

The protest comes two several weeks before a presidential election by which opinion polls show far-right leader Marine Le Pen performing strongly with an anti-immigration, nationalist platform.

It had been the most recent in a number of demonstrations from the alleged police mistreatment of the 22-year-old man identified only as Theo, who remains in hospital with injuries to his anus and mind.

One banner at Thursday’s rally read "Revenge for Theo!"

He’s known as for public calm and the family members have stated they’ve belief within the French justice system.

The Paris school authority stated greater than 10 schools have been targeted by youths who stacked up rubbish bins along with other objects in the entrance gates. In a single situation, a deputy school director was hurt when protesters hurled a fireplace extinguisher.


France: Police clash with anti-Uber protesters in Paris, arrests made


TheStr0ke: Anti-uber protester's? More like immigrant rioter's. I have a feeling that no matter how much immigrants turn western civilization into their own barbaric, violent ones of origin, leftists will still weep for these people.

Curious Alien: poor france

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Peter Kropotkin: I don;t support any of this. Uber is a more decentralized, and superior way to go about the taxi service.

madam poulet: And what's w the tear gas? Weren't you police on strike a while back?

madam poulet: VTFF Uber! Tous ensemble!

Jammin' Jenn: Smh

shockolanul: Chill the fuck out!

Tommy Edge: Taxis controlled by Arab mafia white can't go into the business