Placement exam and directions

Placement exam and directions finish from

French Placement Instructions

Please read carefully before you take the position test:

– A lot of students will need to take in france they placement exam, note your score, and complete the questionnaire, even though you haven’t before studied French.

*Placement test answers are good just for the semester that you bring them.

1. Your placement test results is going to be used in MyMountHolyoke, providing you with permission to join up. This method might take very little as one hour or before the finish from the next working day. You might even see whenever your test results happen to be transferred by:

  • logging into MyMountHolyoke,
  • selecting Students within the Self-Service Menu,
  • selecting Course Registration & Bill Payment, and
  • selecting Approvals, Holds, and Registration Access Time.   

With that display you will notice in france they course/courses that you may register.

Test Score:                      You may sign up for:
    -100                              101
101-200                              102 (spring) or 199 (fall)
201-350                              201
351-450                              203
451+                                   215, 219, 225, 230 

Placement exam and directions lot of students will

2. Don’t sign up for a training course less than your test score signifies.  You will need to switch classes if you don’t pick the appropriate level.  Please sign up for an authorized French course before registration ends.

3. Please sign up for one course only:

  • All culture and literature courses (215, 219, 225, and 230) are on a single level. You might sign up for the path of your decision.

French Placement Exam

You have to:

1. Complete the first and surname within the boxes indicated.

2. Use your Mount Holyoke current email address within the box indicated.

3. Visit the online MHC French Placement Exam and complete this password: marylyon (all lower situation).

Placement exam and directions 201-350                              201    351-450

Placement Test Directions (Writing)