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Martian24 will dsicover the accent brutally not the same as what’s spoken in Paris however that really reflects the prejudices that Parisian and also the French elites have, thinking thats the only method to speak French is much like them. Failing to remember there are many accents throughout France all the Provence and Côte d’Azur make use of a very pronounced accent. And also the accent is going to be much more "brutal" within the working classes of The city that’s a 2 1/2 hrs drive from Paris.

This really is something which is definitely an absolutely snooty French from France attitude you don’t get in British in which the distinction between Brit and American accents is really as great as from Québécois to Parisian. Same pertains to Spanish everyone accep tthe wide gaps between Castillan and Mexican accents for instance.

The easy way practice french - quebec city forum - tripadvisor Québec almost everyone will

As well as in Québec almost everyone will attempt to talk slower with less accent than is usual once they uncover that a person is really a foreigner just looking to get along in French. Really for this reason many people within the touristic business will change to British and remain for the reason that language: much faster then. Obviously you can’t expect by using youth on the soccer field but, as pointed out formerly, it will likely be something hard to do in the middle of summer time within the touristic areas.

The easy way practice french - quebec city forum - tripadvisor hrs drive from Paris

Visit Quebec – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Quebec City, Canada


James Stuart: Quebec is french….its disgraceful that people who demanded that they must speak English. Its like France must learn to speak other language. Leave them alone. If you don't like it or respect their culture, then piss off!

Mathieu Baril: I lived in Quebec city for many years and I'd say the #5 on the Hate List has probably more to do with the language barrier and a certain "shyness" than the culture or attitude. You'll probably find that locals will readily and proactively help francophone tourists while maybe even ignoring the anglophones. While it's true people here learn English at school, I'd say that many people's English in Quebec city is on par to most English Canadians' French. So they wouldn't want to get into a conversation in English and embarrass themselves. However if you ask nicely in Frenglish, they'll go out of their way to help. Only my 2 cents! ;)

Jessica Blair: the part anglo quebecers have a real beef with is its been shoved down our throats and we were never given the same respect but most of us are for bilingualism and see it as an asset. but remember those signs English is in teeny tiny letters and french is in very large letters so english is hard to see on road signs.

666mathew: The part that francophones \n have a real beef they aren't given the respect to be served in French. Go downtown in Shaunessy village, Cote St Luc, or Hampstead, good luck finding someone that will serve you in French. Many have lived there for decades and never uttered a word in French. Any francophone that lives elsewhere in Canada has no choice but to learn english, even in bilingual cities such as Ottawa, Moncton, Sudbury, Saint Boniface, I could go on. Also, good luck finding any service in French at any federal office other than in Québec.

De dede: Here is a tip for you when you plan to travel: Learn other languages than english.  It's your problem if you don't understand french.

Cainyoyo: TheGodYouWishYouKnew America does not have an official language though?

kylem1112: english is the most globalized language in the world…. how many countries have french as an official language vs countries that have english as an official/most prominent language… yeah exactly… why do you think most people from different european countries speak to eachother in english. learning english is alot more practical and useful than vice versa. not to mention if you live in canada where you should already know english cuz most of the country speaks english and it's one of the offical languages.

Jeremy's Transit & Tech: Next time just ask for the nearest "dépanneur" and you will find your water bottles, snacks and everything else.

BennyGesserit: +Jeremy's Transit & Tech Yeah or look for a Pharmaprix!

xen0bia: I was going to recommend that as well. If anything, actually avoid kiosks… Their beverages are nearly always overpriced. Either be prepared and bring your own, or stop at a "depanneur" or corner store where the prices are fairer, they are everywhere.