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We’ve made the decision to invest a few days in Paris this fall, and we’re getting Chloe around. I’ll be writing a number of posts about our trip that one concentrates on locating a dog-friendly apartment to book. (We’ve enjoyed hotels we’ve remained in in Paris, but for an extended trip — anything, really, over only a couple of days — we advise renting a condo. It’s cheaper and far more fun.)

Given how open Parisians will be to seeing dogs in restaurants and shops, I figured locating a dog-friendly apartment will be a bit of gâteau. Actually, it requires some effort, even though you don’t (once we did) create difficulties for yourself by insisting on remaining on the favorite street inside a favorite neighborhood.

We started by contacting the rental agencies we’ve rented from (or nearly rented from) previously. If you are beginning on your own, you’ll likely perform a Search for Paris rental apartments and finish track of a listing which includes the businesses we’ve labored with, along with a couple of more. Listed here are your pet policies for 16 of Google’s favorite agencies (from a to z). I’ll indicate which of them I’ve labored with, however, you should research travelers’ reviews prior to committing to the agency.

One suggestion: I suggest through an apartment that’s around the third floor (or second floor, if you are British) or greater. Many apartments do not have air-conditioning, and you might want to keep your home windows open when you sleep. My sister-in-law lost a handbag to some thief who shinnied to the open home windows in our second-floor apartment throughout the night whenever we reported losing towards the rental agency and also the police, we learned that it hadn’t been an infrequent occurrence.

A La Carte Paris (www.alacarte-paris-apartments.com) — No dogs permitted. We loved this agency, but we will not be renting from their store this time around.

In Your Own Home in France (www.athomeinfrance.com) — No dogs permitted. The corporation includes a great e-mail e-newsletter that you ought to join, but we will not be renting from their store this time around.

Bienvenue à Paris (www.bienvenueaparis.com) — No dogs permitted

Casamundo (www.casamundo.co.united kingdom) — British agency with worldwide rental qualities. Select “France,” then “Paris/Île-de-France,” then “Paris,” and then click “Pet” under “Extras.” You’ll get a summary of 60 qualities.

Chez Vous (www.chezvous.com) — Apartments available in case your dog is small. Your dog-less (but otherwise intelligent and discriminating) friend uses Chez Vous on her Paris visits, and thinks well of the organization.

HomeAway and VRBO (www.homeaway.com and www.vrbo.com) — An associated set of U.S. agencies with worldwide qualities. It’s fairly simple to find dog-friendly qualities on sites. VRBO presently lists 181 Paris qualities where pets are “considered.”

Parisaddress (www.parisaddress.com) — A person service representative explained that about 50 % of the apartments are pet-friendly. He suggested which i provide him a summary of apartments I had been thinking about, and that he would seek advice from the proprietors.

Paris Attitude (www.parisattitude.com) — A few of the proprietors do allow pets. The client service representative I corresponded with encouraged me to provide her my preferred dates, budget and placement, and she or he is needed me look for a pet-friendly apartment that suit me.

Paris Bestlodge (www.parisbestlodge.com) — No pets permitted

Paris for rental and France for rental (www.parisforrent.com and www.franceforrent.com) — An associated set of sites. Pets are formally not permitted, speculate we’d rented from their store before, and since certainly one of their proprietors includes a dog and it is willing (sometimes) to permit your dog within the off-season, we could get permission for Chloe in the future around. Call, and be prepared to be switched lower, but you might be pleased.

Parisian Home (www.parisianhome.com) — This company’s pet policy is the fact that “pets aren’t permitted in almost any apartment, unless of course prior authorization continues to be acquired,” which implies in my experience that you’ll be able to obtain prior authorization in a minimum of certain cases.

Paris Internet (www.parisnet.com) — This appears in my experience less a company as a type of Craigslist for French apartment proprietors. It’s important to enhance the subject directly using the proprietors from the apartments you are interested in.

Paristay.com (www.paristay.com) — Some qualities possess a dog symbol that is not barred through, indicating that dogs are acceptable, but there’s no apparent way to look for just dog-friendly qualities. The organization also doesn’t encourage information-gathering calls or e-mails (they would like to know what you think only once you have completed a request form). Apparently, you’ll need to scroll through all the choices inside your preferred location, and find out which of them possess the pets-OK symbol.

Rentapart.com (www.rentapart.com) — This company’s pet policy is really as follows: “Pets are permitted only having a prior written permission people. You might be requested for further deep cleaning service and security deposit.”

Have I missed your preferred agency? Tell me, and I’ll combine it with their email list. And remain tuned for the following installment of Chloe Would go to Paris!

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