Charlie chaplin : three new chaplin books in french

05 Sep 2014

Three new French-language publications hit book shops soon!


French edition of the Comedian Sees the planet (Mon tour du monde) by Charlie Chaplin, printed by L’ensemble des Editions du Sonneur. Hits book shops on September 25, 2014. Pre-order it now on Amazon . com!

Chaplin’s travel memoir A Comedian Sees the planet seemed to be lately printed through the College of Missouri Press in British within the U.S. by having an introduction and notes by Lisa Stein Haven, on Amazon . com.


French edition of Footlights by Charles Chaplin with The field of Limelight (L’univers plusieurs Feux en rampe) by David Robinson, printed by Seuil. Hits book shops on October 3, 2014. Pre-order it now on Amazon . com!

The British edition, printed through the Cineteca di Bologna, continues to be on Amazon . com.

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French edition of Charlie Chaplin, The Keystone Album (L’Album Keystone) by Glenn Mitchell, Carole Sandrin and Mike Stourdzé, printed by Xavier Barral. Hits book shops on October 16, 2014. Pre-order it now on Amazon . com!

British version not far off!


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Toni Geagea: ha ha ha 😂

Nela Andric: ha ha ha ha ha ja

omer Ali: I like Charlie is father's of love

Nisha Sharma: with tutwxbmfd

Sohail Ahmad: the legendary commedian f all time,,love u charlie

starwars fan: +Bryan Matasyo no anymore

ERMELINDA RAMIREZ: que graciosos q sos chaplin sos el mejor😄😄


Tafadzwa Matumbike: I cant stop laughing