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Thanks for visiting parallel books well suited for

  • Created for people learning a brand new language.

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Thanks for visiting parallel books students On iPad, iPhone and

  • Displays a magazine concurrently in 2 different languages.
  • Translations remain in sync while you read.
  • Stretchy, “chewing gum” overlay visually connects parallel content.
  • Gum overlay could be hidden.
  • Translations can be shown in 2 posts on screen, or each translation can fill a whole screen.
  • Continuously scrolls or pages through content without requiring to alter mode.
  • Tapping on the paragraph shows the translation of this paragraph.
  • Double tapping hides tool bars, giving extra space.
  • Multicoloured highlights and searchable notes could be added.
  • Includes night and day styles.
  • Presently books can be found in British, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Nederlander, Swedish, Esperanto, Korean, plus much more.
  • Some books include multiple translations within the same language well suited for literature and translation students
  • On iPad, iPhone and ipod device touch
  • The Parallel Books Application is within development for other platforms, including Android
  • New books are now being added constantly.
  • All books are presently FREE!

Thanks for visiting parallel books in sync

Who lives in the eleventh dimension? – Parallel Universes – BBC science(A MUST SEE!)


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