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French books and fnac e-books And becoming that French book
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I spent a whole day researching e-readers, and chosen the Nook Simple Touch according to reviews saying it had been the very best for studying, then selected up at the shop today. I’m now already while coming back it. The traditional French dictionaries I could download aren’t effective whatsoever, or find strange letterings. The Nook doesn’t permit you to switch the default dictionary to some French one, but I decided to have the ability to just download a French dictionary to reference words inside a French ebook. This isn’t simple to do–takes numerous slow steps to find information about a thing from French text. And becoming that French book/text in your e-readers to start with is extremely challenging/limited. B&N includes a "en espanol" portion of e-books, although not "en francais." I additionally attempted visiting the FNAC web site to download stuff in to the Adobe readers software pointed out below. FNAC wouldn’t allow me to even order free books with no French address. SOooo it appears ereaders aren’t for francophiles … yet.I’m sorry you have not been effective establishing your bank account on FNAC. I’ve just checked mine online and my address in the united states but I must admit I’ve not downloaded any free books because the finish of May 2011.They’ve already altered their policy that is really annoying.Not associated with French books but e-books generally, I wished to buy the United kingdom form of the Harry Potter e-books with the Pottermore webiste. Well, I am unable to purchase them because my IP is incorporated in the US… bummer…

A workaround for this continues to be published in a variety of Pottermore threads here as well as on mobile reads. It essentially involves gifting the United kingdom edition to a different email account and letting them know the recipient is Canadian, then while using redeem code in your Pottermore account.


I’ve not attempted it myself. Find individuals threads for more information.


Back around the FNAC issue, has anybody determined if US users could possibly get everything from them and just how?

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French books and fnac e-books very best for studying, then

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P'tit Corail: Bonjour, j'ai acheté des ebooks sur le site de la Fnac. Je les retrouve bien dans ma bibliothèque (directement sur le site). Puis, quand je clique sur téléchargement ADE, la page ne peut pas s'afficher, elle est introuvable. Comment je peux faire pour pouvoir télécharger mes ebooks, afin de les avoir sur mon pc ? Car, en fait, je ne suis pas majeure, alors c'est mon père qui achète les livres, avec SON compte Fnac. Sauf que sur ma liseuse, c'est MON compte, du coup la synchronisation est impossible. \nBesoin d'aide ! S'il vous plaît aidez-moi :(

Xernelline: J'ai acheté un ebook sur mais l'application kobo ne marche pas je suis sur téléphone pourriez vous faire une mise à jour ou me donner un conseil car je ne sais pas quoi faire pour lire mon livre

Aerofantass: Pas clair

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