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Welcome to a different number of posts which i have made the decision to “Read Aloud Wednesdays”.  One factor you’ll uncover about use is which i love books!  And I enjoy educate children to see.  Among the truly great rights to be a principal teacher is presenting youthful children to everything about literature and helping them develop and also be as readers.

Series of blog posts featuring great read alouds for the French Immersion Classroom!

This series will feature a multitude of books that I enjoy introduce to youthful readers.  From fiction to non-fiction to poetry to joke books, I enjoy expose my students into it all!  Some days I’ll feature books which i wrote myself.  Others is going to be books which are part of my collection.  Regardless, I firmly think that the easiest method to grow readers within my classroom would be to read and browse and browse more.  Continue reading in my first pick within this series!

Read Aloud Wednesdays:  Dans mon sac à dos

Following a brief stint in Grade 2 French Immersion, I’m heading to Grade 1!   My students start French Immersion in Grade 1 the greatest challenges is finding methods to introduce vocabulary, language structures and fundamental studying skills to students with minimal to no understanding of French.  I authored it “Dans mon sac à dos” to satisfy a few of these challenges.

Starting from the year understanding the language from the classroom and also the vocabulary for college supplies that students is going to be using all year round.  “Dans mon sac à dos” includes a backpack that is stuffed with a number of familiar school objects.  Like a lot of my emergent readers, I’ve incorporated a complete colour form of the written text.  I print this and bind it to put within our class library.  Once students understand the written text, they like to practice studying it.

La rentrée! Great read aloud in French!

I’ve also incorporated black and white-colored versions from the book.  This enables teachers to supply individual copies for college students, whether for a collect book in order to devote book bins for college students to gain access to during school.  One version may be the text and illustrations in black and white-colored.  I’ll frequently make use of this to create copies for college students to see during independent studying time.

La rentrée! Fun little book for Primary French Students! dans mon sac à dos!

The 2nd version enables students as one example of their very own book.  My students like to draw the backpack filled with the objects indicated!  Additionally they love the surprise in the finish from the story (I won’t hand out the key ending here!).

La rentrée! Fun read aloud book for Back to School in French.

Another activity I love to do is the development of a category book.  To create a class book, I’ve each student produce a page after which bind them together to produce a book.  “Dans mon sac à dos” gives you all you need to help make your own class book!  It’s absolutely fascinating what creative things students develop to put within their backpack!

  La rentrée! Everything you need to make a class book in your Core or Immersion French class! Great for Back to School!

What are a few of your favourite read alouds?  Make sure you return next Wednesday for additional fun read alouds for that Primary French Immersion classroom.


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