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It is true that hikers and skiers within the Alps are treated to regal views that may, literally, place their breath away. But who really has got the best standpoint to determine the entire scope from the mountain tops around them? The wild birds do. Strap on a set of synthetic wings, and you can also view it all while you paraglide from mountaintops and glide over valleys far below.

Mainly a summer time activity, tandem paraglide flights can be found over several ski areas within the Chamonix region, including Planpraz and Grands-Montets. The greater adventurous can ascend a couple of from the peaks, like Mont Blanc, by feet first after which paraglide lower. Companies include, and Fly Chamonix.

Advice from the Traveler Who’s Had The Experience

All downhill Delights by Joann Kniola

“We remained in Chamonix for 4 hrs. We’d an attractive raspberry tart and coffee shop au lait in an outside table while some went to the peak of Mt Blanc for 45 euro! We visited a small church having a skier and walker stained glass window, then sitting on the stone bench outdoors and ate our sandwiches experiencing the sun and individuals watching.” Find out more!

Live Up in Cannes

Unless of course you’re wealthy and famous, odds are you aren’t getting asked towards the Cannes Film Festival, however that doesn’t mean you cannot spend time around the fringes and obtain an idea of all of the glitz and glamour. For example, the general public is thanks for visiting attend Cinema en Plage (Cinema around the Beach), which screens out-of-competition and Cannes classic films. You need to simply go to the Cannes Tourism Office to obtain tickets. They’re free, but make it happen early — they’re going fast. Other screening possibilities would be the Cannes Cinephiles and Directors’ Week. If you are searching to rub elbows having a star or more, it’s important to don your fanciest togs and mind towards the swankiest hotel bars.

Do not have the persistence to hold back around around the edges? Join Smithsonian Journeys with an eight-night Cannes Film Festival tour which includes behind-the-scenes accessibility festival.

Ideal Time to visit France

France travel guide: how to proceed in france - smartertravel that choicest accommodations

It’s stated that Paris doesn’t have low season, because the city draws a remarkable quantity of visitors year-round and winter temperatures within the city are hardly ever intolerable. If you are visiting Paris, regardless of what the growing season, it’s smart to book your accommodations well ahead of time. Summers in Paris are full of vacationers, and it is better to steer clear of the warmest season of the season if you are crowd-averse. Past the Town of Lights, different regions in France, with a temperate climate, have different climate conditions. The Med Coast of France is warmer and dryer than, say, the Northwest corner of the nation. Investigate the environment in the area you’re intending to visit before you decide to book your vacation.

France on a tight budget

Travelers seeking cut-rate flights to France should think about a winter trip. From November through Feb, airfares towards the country are in their least expensive (aside from the Christmas and New Year’s holidays). Individuals planning for a multi-destination itinerary within France should think about rail passes, that offer transportation to many destinations for just one flat cost inside a specified period of time. Accommodations within the French countryside can be very affordable — and rather fantastic (think chateaux and charming cottages). However the city-bound French tourist should be expecting steep prices for that choicest accommodations in places like Paris or Marseilles, especially during warmer several weeks.

–written by Dori Saltzman and Sarah Schlichter

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